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Rexposted 2 weeks ago

Iam a seafarer currently in buffalo Immigration boarded the ship told me waivers being accepted By esafe only no paper applications you may call to make an appointment or you could walk in the officer said to me several times about walk in as he left he said don’t forget you can walk in hmmm may want to walk in Myself

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@ Michelle Yes the BC borders are not taking the non-essential packets just yet. This topic was touched upon by the ARO director at the CBP seminar. I think we will do an internet talk radio show episode and post excerpts of what she said. I think we may do it later today at the Surrey BC office if we have time. Lately, we have been really pressed for time and it has been hard to get back to this forum.

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K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #7

I have not heard of any POE out West accepting "non-essential" applications. But will check further into it. Thanks!

Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #6

I am hearing a lot of different stories about the border. Officially the border closure was extended until May 21.

We have the men on here from the ships who have posted, and I have heard 2 other versions. I have to be honest and say I am not sure.

-1 client went to the border and was told to do his waiver, and call and make an appointment, and he would have no problem handing it in. He is going to try when his fingerprints come in. (should be early May)

-1 client says his brother is in the Drake entourage, that his brother HANDED in his waiver at the border. He is going to do the same thing, I am expecting him this week. (He will also be trying in May)

I have called the border, and I am NOT getting verification of this information. Therefore, I will have a couple of clients who are pretty desperate to finish this off try, and post the results when I have ACTUAL clients who have been successful.

The problem I have is simply that Homeland Security Officers sometimes "advise" people of things, knowing they will never see them again. Of course, they could also be telling someone 100% accurate information as well.

If anyone has DIRECT knowledge of someone handing in a waiver, who is not an "essential truck driver" then please post.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #5

So am I correct in reading here that POEs are taking waiver applications?

For instance airports out in Western Canada?

Magnus replied 2 weeks ago   #4

No card immigration comes on board once a year to clear the crew but his last name was tucker as I said he mentioned to walk in several times thank you john I will do that

Rex replied 2 weeks ago   #3

The issue is this.

If you do an eSafe application today, and the border doesn't take your fingerprints and 45 days elapse...you lose the $585USD

Much smarter right now to take an application TO the border, pay and hand it in there with your fingerprints being taken. 60 days to process possibly...but no danger of losing any money.

Homeland Security tells people BS all the time in person....do you have his card with his name on it?

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #2

Interesting 6 immigration officers on board ship all agreeded no paper applications only just started to accept waivers thank you for the info I will try paper even though they said esafe only going Tuesday

Rex replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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