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Figmanposted 4 years ago

I think I know what might be happening with my waiver application. It must have gone missing at some point during the process but the status shows "pending further review". So when I send an email I bet they simply check the status and send back the standard response. This will never change until someone notices it has been 20 months and counting. So I guess I lost my $595 US and will have to resubmit for $1,000. Does anyone know what lawyers are charging to do these nowadays?

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@Figman How long have you been waiting? I used a lawyer for mine and I've been waiting for 16 months and nothing. In addition, I haven't really received any "updates" from my lawyer beyond it's currently pending further "security checks." Candidly, I'm not really buying that he has a direct line to the ARO - I think its a bunch of BS. I paid $5k for his services and I still have no idea what is going on. The problem is that it is difficult (impossible) to discern IF a particular attorney actually has a direct line with someone in the ARO. Most will tell you they do, but will just send an email to the attorneyinquiry.waiver.aro@dhs.gov and get the same response you would get my emailing yourself.

If you find an attorney that actually has a connecting inside the ARO, let me know.....I'm pretty deflated at this point. My career depends on this waiver and my lawyer doesn't give two shits.

Philly replied 4 years ago   #2

Is 4 months still in normal time frame? At what point is it warranted to "worry"? This is my first application

Mimi replied 4 years ago   #1

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