Waiver after pardon

EL30posted 1 week ago

Do I need certain documents when applying after receiving a pardon? I assume when I get my rcmp prints nothing will come up ….

Do I still need my local court documents ?

Is there a dating timeframe for documents when applying ? Ie if I plan on being near the border in September can I get my documents now or is it too early ?

How far out can I submit the application ?

Do I need to make an appointment for rainbow bridge ?

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What is a border package ?

EL30 replied 6 days ago   #3

The biggest thing to remember when submitting your pardon as proof of convictions is to make sure the page listing the convictions is uploaded to eSafe and as part of your border package

adam gunn replied 1 week ago   #2


You should submit a copy of the pardon. Court documents? It depends but if you have them then submit them. Court documents can be copies.
I assume your applying through eSAFE? And yes you make appointments at the border now.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #1

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