Visited aro personally

Sailormanposted 3 years ago

Current waiver valid so I went to aro with my family talked with a agent explained my situation told me come back tomorrow when I did within 2 hours I had my waiver he was very nice and said people don't come there rarely but I live close to buffalo worth the trip

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sorry did you say u went to the Virginia office and were told to come back and you got it the next day? that's brilliant! My waiver has expired waiting for the renewal. It's 22 months now and counting. I wish I had thought of the idea you did. But I never had this much trouble in 22 years of getting them renewed. Never took more than 7 months before - worst case. Usually they were about 5 months. I'm stuck now, can't go to the states to track it down.

Figman replied 3 years ago   #6

what do you mean you visited ARO in person? That is in Virginia, Herndon to be exact. Do you mean you went to the border and spoke to a random agent? I don't mean to challenge you but I've been doing these for over 20 years and I have never heard of anyone getting a waiver renewed by just walking into the office. That's not how they are issued so maybe I'm misunderstanding what you did? Could you be a little more detailed? Were you waiting foryour renewal to arrive and you did this?

Figman replied 3 years ago   #5

Hi @sailorman, its my first waiver, is it possible a family member submit my waiver for me at the ARO or does it need to be done personally? Thanks so much for the info!!

petty replied 3 years ago   #4

Renewing waiver for 24 years now get a new one takes 3 months or less unfortunately it took me. 9 months due to backlog thats when I decided to go to Virginia yes I understand the price has gone up recently my waiver was sitting there but no one mailed it out they process all waivers how long it takes is anyone's guess if u have a waiver still valid go to Virginia

Sailorman3177 replied 3 years ago   #3

Wondering if because you were renewing your waiver, it was that easy and quick?
Did the price go up?
Would they process a first time waiver you think? Thanks for the info!!

Waiting replied 3 years ago   #2

please send me his name & contact # so i'll try also. my name is badar alam and my e-mail address is
many thanks in-advance

badar replied 3 years ago   #1

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