Using a waiver expert vs DIY - a story

J Rogersposted 11 months ago

We talk about this all the time, and I want to be clear on the difference.

I talked to a very nice man on here who had a son who had a misrepresentation in 2022. It had to do with doing his residency (he is a medical school graduate)

The son is smart. The father is smart, and called me constantly after the waiver had been submitted to basically stress about the case.
I would have told the father "he is not going to get this waiver". Maybe 5% possibility but not more.
This is a person who NEEDS an expert. Yet for all his badly wanting this waiver, they decided to do it on their own.

So, result, waiver denied. Worse, the personal letter said things I cannot now refute. I am STUCK with whatever statements were made.

Had this happened in 2010, then doing it himself was not such a risk.

Now, if you have a shoplifting that is old, you did you research, and you don't mind rolling up your sleeves, there is very little damage you can do.
If your offence is serious, has serious sentences, or involves trafficking of drugs or people, if you have sexual assault, or if you have offences which are not serious but less than 5 years old, GET AN EXPERT.

My service costs money, and not every waiver applicant needs it. That is why I am happy to share on here. DIY are going to DIY, but as a Canadian, I want them to still be on the right track. We are all Canadian, and I want Canadians to do well.

If your waiver is a struggle, if its a tough issue, or you are just stuck, get an expert. I COULD do my own taxes, but I really cannot be bothered. I want them DONE, and no hassle.

I have no problem with DIY;s, and encourage anyone who wants to try. But its insane to say "my son is desperate to get this, but it just going to try it himself". It defies logic. Be smart. Know YOURSELF. If you can save money, and still get a good result, then I cannot argue with that logic. But don't risk your ability to travel, or even make future waivers harder by filing a bad waiver.

This is my opinion, and I will not get offended by anyone who disagrees with me. Feel free to debate this here, and I promise to participate.

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@J Rogers yes sir.

Orlando replied 10 months ago   #31

@Orlando That's insane.
$700 for advice?

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #30

@J Rogers Natalya Curto and Scotty. It’s not a company per se. It’s a DIY with help. She said $1700 to do it fully and $700 for advice.

[ Orlando appended this reply on April 21, 2023 @ 1:11 pm ]

I-212 waivers

Orlando replied 10 months ago   #29

@Orlando Whats the company called or the name of the person?

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #28

@J Rogers I did right after reading it here and I was blocked right away. Either way I have all our correspondence via messenger. It simply say’s Facebook user now. Lol

Orlando replied 10 months ago   #27


If someone posts something you find suspicious, please bring it forward. Its important to:

-make sure people don't get deceived
-Technically you are giving them a chance to defend themselves. (which is fair)

I name bad actors by name for a reason. You cannot be held responsible for telling the truth. Also, you are anonymous. I am probably one of the very few using their real name.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #26

@Waiverpending2023 I doubt. I just think now that people post and try to sell fake promises to others. When we are desperate for something people take advantage and that’s why we have to much fake documentation circulating as it relates to immigration

Orlando replied 10 months ago   #25


Mine does not say that. What I posted yesterday is the entire contents of the letter minus my name and address at the top. Not sure if they vary from case to case.

Waiverpending2023 replied 10 months ago   #24

@J Rogers yes well a lot of fake things and promises have been shared in this group so I can see that. And it was posted from someone posting and offering service in this forum

Orlando replied 10 months ago   #23

@Orlando They do NOT.

Its a nickname, its not actually called the officially. Its a euphemism. That sounds fake.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #22

@Waiverpending2023 someone posted a copy of September letter in a Facebook group for people helping with waivers and it said September letter on it. Don’t they say that? He is helping me with my waiver.

Orlando replied 10 months ago   #21

@casper @J Rogers

Charge was aggravated assault. I was 17 at the time but was charged as an adult. Wasn’t the result I was expecting for sure but am ecstatic that I won’t have to go thru the process again. Once they asked for court transcripts I was leaning towards being denied rather than a September letter. Submitted the transcripts on February 22, 2023 and decision on April 19, 2023 to give some people some context of the timeline.

Waiverpending2023 replied 10 months ago   #20

@Waiverpending2023 that’s fantastic
This is what I’m hoping for myself.
What was your infraction?
Was it an overstay.

casper replied 10 months ago   #19


Thank you for sharing this great news with everyone. I said a "5 year was the best possible result" but obviously, I was wrong, in a good way.

You said the offences were serious, not sexual. and that you had a pardon. I am going to take a guess and say they were gun related. You obviously can share what you are comfortable sharing (we don't know you) but I guarantee everyone is going to be curious because of this result. You also won't be needing to hang around waiver forums anymore.

My most recent September Letters were guns and one Assault CBH in 2017 with a breach in 2018. I told him he would be lucky to get a 1 year waiver....he got a September Letter. I have no idea why, but obviously thrilled I was wrong.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #18

@BM Good call. Yes that is a September Letter. That is the best possible result. Print it out and put it in a safe place. After 30 days you will not be able to access it. Have multiple copies. Eventually you will not need to show it BUT you never know.

September Letters have never been so abundant. If you were EVER going to get a September Letter, NOW is the time.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #17

Thanks for clarifying. Super pumped about this outcome! Long drawn out process from August 2022 until now including providing court transcripts when they asked for them in November but it was worth it in the end.

Waiverpending2023 replied 10 months ago   #16

@Waiverpending2023 that is a September Letter. That’s a great outcome!

BM replied 10 months ago   #15


Is that not pretty much the same thing? Saying I don’t need a waiver and treat me like I’m not inadmissible due to my prior convictions? Definitely confused on this wording.

Waiverpending2023 replied 10 months ago   #14

@Waiverpending2023 I don’t think this is a September letter. This simply tells you that you don’t need a waiver and they’ll treat you like any visitor to the US that’s not inadmissible. I could be wrong but that’s my understanding of it.

Marsha replied 10 months ago   #13

@J Rogers

Received a response this morning on this and I’m assuming this is what’s referred to as a September Letter? Below is the contents of the decision:

This correspondence is in reference to your form I-192, Application for Advance Permission to Enter as Nonimmigrant, submitted by you on or about August 13, 2022.

We have reviewed the circumstances surrounding your request for admission on or about August 13, 2022 at the SWEETGRASS, MT Port of Entry. It is the determination of this office that you do not require discretionary relief under INA 212(d)(3)(A) to seek entry into the United States.

Your future inspections, upon applying for admission to the United States, will be conducted in the normal process accorded an applicant seeking admission into this country.

Waiverpending2023 replied 10 months ago   #12

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