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Truckerposted 2 weeks ago

To all who are looking for advice on waivers you wont find it here be warned john and ken act like kids on here just look at there posts anyone can do a waiver these guys will scam your money for doing nothing they have nothing to do with the process you do all the work they do nothing but represent you which means nothing after doing 5 waivers of my own with no problem people u dont need scumbags like these guys if you do as instructed you wont find a problem

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What trucker has said does indeed have merit and I have already acknowledged my responsibility for replying back to low value dimwitted irrelevant questions from Ontario Discount Waiver companies. I cannot apologize for standing up to trolls though. People now clearly see that I do not respond to the actual troll anymore and do not mention any names.

I am all for moving forward and staying in the spirit of the forum. Low budget trolls need to understand that the forum is not a place to engage in feminine type debates but is here to help people with providing ACCURATE information that can verified in the immigration statute and government regulations. I have already done so throughout the many threads in this forum. I have shown where such relevant information is posted in the Immigration Nationality Act, Canada Criminal Records Act and more.

So, will I win an award for humility? Absolutely not! Will I win an award for arrogance combined with providing factual information knowledge and aggressively representing people in court in the future? Well do you catch Dungeness Crab in Deep Cove and is Vancouver known for Sushi? I am still immensely proud of myself for the fact that our message about these Ontario Discount Waiver Companies is finally getting out to the mainstream media now.

I have also provided links to the Canada pardon site where people can click on it and do their own pardon. I have also provided links to the relevant U.S. govt sites where people can read up on the statutes themselves. I also agree 100% that people can probably do their own waiver if it is a simple case. I also have previously said that most people here cannot or will not pay the fees that we charge, and I am fine with this reality. I also make less than 1 cent from posting here.

So I am at a loss here to figure our how this makes me a scammer when I have just stated that I do not expect any money from here, few here will pay our fees and the fact that I direct people to areas where they can save money by doing their cases themselves.

Either way, I come from a family of old school men that run the show and I was always taught to handle my business as a man and not cowardly hide behind mummy's skirt or a wife. So, I will endeavour to continue to provide exceptional services to our clients and info here that may help people save some money by not getting ripped off by an Ontario Discount Waiver Company.

Btw nothing in this post is directed at the gentleman named Trucker.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
1 888 908-3841
604 332-9213

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Let me clarify that the thread creater has SOME merit only.

KSCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #12


exactly. No one knows ANYTHING, because you refuse to provide an address. Its just very vague promises, and you BRAG about how no one can find you.

Ken this is Canada. No one is giving money to a guy from an internet forum who answer questions with insults.


Ken makes some sudden "discovery" from a client. I ask a serious question. Ken calls me a name and avoids question. he then points out some special skill he has. I question how that skill can be, Ken threatens to sue me, expose me, mentions my children. Again, no answers. Then some guy says we are "squabbling" but I am asking REAL questions here.

I have NEVER avoided a question. I am accredited by the RCMP and have a REAL office. You can call our number virtually 24/7 and if I am not in the office it goes to my cell phone. All my social media is open. My number is freely available, as is my location.

Ken will NOT answer questions, makes very improbable claims and when he is asks about them, he NEVER answers. None of this is an insult, all of it is fact.

Ask me anything. I will answer truthfully.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #11

@ trucker. I have said my peace and my opinion is well known here.

Forum members: No one here works for us and has no constructive knowledge of our inner management nor how we conduct our affairs. Ironically, the posts here by a certain individual have helped us in many ways, and that I will not mention any names. End of story.

KSCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #10


One of us has an office, and invites people to back up their words. Me.

The other even hides their social media, has no fixed address or location, and pretends to have offices that don't exist.

@Trucker @KenScott notice while you call me names, I simply call you out.

@Trucker for doing nothing for the forum but calling me names. I haven't seen you posting a single thing that helps ANYONE other than "you don't need any requirements! Its all a scam! I hand in a single piece of paper and get a 10 year waiver!" Ya right buddy. If you have a valid "concern", then point out what I said that you consider wrong and I will answer you. But you didn't point out a single thing, and sound ridiculous. Again, name calling form a distance when we both KNOW, you would never say that in person.

@KenScott you do provide information and answers to questions, but you also are deceptive. Instead of being truthful ("I do waivers") you pretend that you do MORE. Its not necessary to lie. Be honest about yourself, and what you do.

Notice again, I stick to facts, not name calling. Ken is upset that I am exposing what he is saying as deceptive. Instead of simply proving me wrong, its insults, slurs, and even bringing my family into it. What kind of person posts pictures from Facebook? Not someone you would TRUST, that is for sure.

Ken, I am not trying to ruin your business. Run a business with transparency and honesty, and I will praise you the way I praise Michelle. Just stop the other stuff. Notice the lack of insults.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #9

@trucker I just look at the Cretin's other posts to you and I can guarantee you with 100% accuracy that he does not display the same "toughness" on the phone and likely not in person. I have chatted on the phone with him and he is a different person. He is deathly scared that you would actually show up at his shop and accept his invite. Fyi You have done nothing to me so I have no issue with you.

KSCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #8

@trucker I can appreciate your opinion and I will admit that I used to foolishly respond to this dim-witted troll in the past. This is the reason why you perceive the kid part per se regarding me. I have a habit of not backing down to anyone whether it be on the phone, in person or online. The internet age has spawned keyboard commandos like the underdeveloped Cretin, and this is somewhat of a new thing to me that I have not previously experienced. I no longer respond to the flamingly flamboyant individual for reasons that I cannot mention here yet he still has a strange and unnatural interest in me.

Other thing is that I have to somewhat respectfully agree but disagree with some of your post. I agree that yes less complex waiver cases may be done by the individual person. However, each waiver case is different and complex ones need to be handled by a professional that specializes in such areas. Also note that I do not give “advice” but offer information that is readily available if you know where to find it. I have repeatedly said that I try to save people money and still endeavour to do it. I am all for it if people can do their own less complex waiver cases and the people here clearly know that about me. The nice gentleman that is affiliated with the Discount Waiver Company is the one that keeps trying to prevent the message.

Obviously, I do not know your case so I cannot comment on it. If it made me a "scum bag" for not backing down, then so be it. Nevertheless, my intent is not to offend or debate with you but I stand by my post and am not interested if it offends you or not.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #7

@Trucker explain when you call someone a "scumbag" when they politely responded to you, how that makes you ANY better than Ken? I also do fingerprints, is THAT a scam too?

Quite the classy individual, aren't you? Come for a visit. I am sure I can convince you I am worth the money.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #6

@Trucker, so all I explained was what I include when I do a waiver, and yet you insult me.

You don't include ANY personal letter or reference letter in your waiver? Your doing it wrong. We don't even know your name. How do we even know you do waivers?

I will tell you what. Come and see me in my office and repeat what you just said. Don't be a keyboard warrior, back up your words. Or i'll be happy to come to you. You mean what you say right?

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #5

Wow you really are a scumbag personal and reference letter are not needed that is just bull never needed one in over 30 years as i was told so from day one feel sorry for tbe people you take advantage of

Trucker replied 2 weeks ago   #4

@Trucker, so your reading comprehension seems a bit "stunted". I do fingerprints, I write the personal letter, I write the reference letters, and I fill out the forms.

What parts am I missing? And yes, AGAIN, I give free advice to anyone who asks. Did you have a question?

[ J Rogers appended this reply on September 2, 2020 @ 1:58 pm ]

Trucker I also don't even remember asking you for money. When did I ask you for money?

Ask me any question. I will answer right here.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #3

I standby my statement u may fool some but not me you know you scam people you ar not needed for a waiver and free advice please u want money you know u are not needed you have nothing to do with fingerprints and filling out the application is easy why would someone need you to do that well tbey dont you taking people's money is like being a thief

Trucker replied 2 weeks ago   #2

@Trucker I do ALL the work. That is erroneous. And the client represents themselves. So again, your wrong.
I give free advice to anyone who wants to do the waiver themselves. Why does this bother you?

I fight with Ken because he claims to get people a September Letter. He does not. You would have me pretend he is being honest?

Please explain a single statement that seems deceptive that I have written about myself or what I do. Let me guess, your going to say your little statement and then disappear, right?

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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