US Waiver Of Inadmissibility

K SCOTTposted 1 month ago

This is a video of the actual I-192 waiver application. Basically, this is the first part of the application process that you will have to do. Note that this is only basic information since there will be other items needed for your case. This is mostly for the first time people that have "been deemed" to need a waiver. It provides some basic knowledge since we have been told by some people that this form can be confusing.

Anyway, check it out and the other great content that we produce. We are also closely monitoring a special sex crime-related waiver case that we have previously mentioned. We have our fingers crossed that this one gets cleared since then we can go from a 99% success rate to one that puts us at 100%. We will definitely let you guys know what happens with this special case. We will not take a case if we think that the case will be lost. We had to turn away 2 people that were insistent that we take their case since we knew that they would likely get denied for the moment.

Also, we will have to do another video for the women that have admitted a massage/escorting-related offence to CBP.

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It says "add addresses". Do you live nearby and I can try and show you?

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #3

In the e-safe, in the navigation. Address history you may have to add an address, they requires only 5 years of physical address.

Sam replied 3 weeks ago   #2

For esafe address and address history wants me to provide addresses for last five years but no where to put it so can't complete application it only says is your current physical address the same as your mailing address I said yes how do I input my last 5 yrs of residence I have currently lived in my home last 14 years please help me

Gerry replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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