US Entry Waiver US Govt Fee Increase From 585USD To 1100USD 2024

K Scottposted 2 weeks ago

Well, we have bad news for you guys The US govt is raising their US Entry Waiver govt fee from 585USD to 1100USD. Our video below will show the actual regulatory material used by the US government to make these announcements. All the more reason to be wary of hiring an Ontario discount Waiver Company unless you have an extra $1500CDN to toss into the bin. We get people cleared to enter the USA based on the US govt regulations and other related source material. Apparently, very few lawyers and no discount waiver companies have access to this material.

We also tried to help a young woman that got scammed by Scotia Pardons. We called them to try and get her money back but they refused to answer the phone. We have recorded this episode as well and you will hear their old voice mail greeting in our video and her story.

We haven’t had the time to come here and post since we are swamped with work and suffering some staff shortages. We will also repost our videos where we can show you guys how to do your own Canadian Pardon. You do not need to hire an Ontario discount waiver company since our tutorials will show you how to do this at no charge. These tutorials will be in another post.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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Of course I finally find it after this post...sorry,....

Here it is..

Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #3

Hi guys, I am trying to find the link for the I-192 increase, I am finding about other forms, but not specifically the I-192..Can you please post here for me.


Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #2

This was posted here the actual day it was announced. Also the actual announcement in its entirety.

Scotia Pardons moved across the street and is now called "Pardons4less". As I posted....months ago.

Tell the young lady to contact me and I will give her the details.

No need to post all your late information Ken. I keep everyone updated without misinformation.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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