US Entry Waiver Services - Not Every Offence Needs a US Entry Waiver

K SCOTTposted 1 month ago

This is just to show you guys that not every border offence will require a #usentrywaiver. We have picked up about 5 people the other day that almost got screwed by an Ontario Discount Waiver company. Specifically, they were denied entry to the USA and the companies tried to sell them on a quick waiver. Well, their denial codes are offences that do not even need waivers. They almost screwed up their lives by filing for an unneeded waiver. We are definitely proud of ourselves that the message is getting out to people about these companies and unneeded waivers. Some of the people have already said that they want to be guests on our internet talk radio show this week.

So, we will make that happen and you guys can hear their stories about the border and their experiences from these companies. Unfortunately, we are still way too busy to have a lot of free time to come to this forum. We had a distinguished VIP client come to the Surrey office on Friday. We are looking to open up 2-3 new locations and he will run 1 of them. The new guest that almost got sold an unneeded waiver may be enlisted to run a location in her area. We even had a certain "mellow person" come to our website yesterday and check the contact us section. We have already stated that we will pick him up by limo from YVR if he wishes to see our locations. We also want to thank the associates that we have now gained from this platform.

Anyway, we are always there to serve all of your needs.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

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Ken has brought up a good point in his reference that "they were denied entry into the USA", and now the question is do they need a waiver or not. This shows how dealing with US Customs can be confusing and why you should do your research and hire the service that best suits your needs. I always question "why were you denied?" and go from there...A Custom Officer doesn't deny you for no reason.

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #2


Funny, in Ontario, most of the companies are telling people they CANNOT even file a waiver yet.

So name the companies so people can "beware" of these places. Also, what are the offences these places were telling them they needed waivers for that they didn't?

Shouldn't you open a REAL office in Canada first before you worry about expansion? Will these be "secret" locations as well?

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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