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K SCOTTposted 1 month ago

We now offer free limo service to our Surrey BC, East Van, and Abby high roller & V.I.P clients. We will take you to the border and back to file in style. Next, we will offer free champagne or wine on the trip back.

We want to thank our supporters for everything that they have done for us from this forum. We will soon be offering even newer services besides waivers. Our visa training is almost done. We will offer this limo service to forum members that become clients. One of my guys will pick you up from YVR and take you to the border or to your hotel. We are also developing a program where we will fly you out from Ontario to B.C. Yes, we will cover the cost of everything. However, this will also depend on your offence. We will also then take you to the border to file your waiver packet. Essentially, you get to go file in style. This is all thanks to our advisor that we met here by the name of A.C. Khan.

Remember, we are the only firm that has 6 global locations to include 3 in B.C., Wash State, London, UK, and Estonia. We also the only firm that boasts a 99% success rate, offers the September Letters, and much more.


Lord Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

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Your doing so well but you only have a mailbox. Hmmmmmm. That's weird. Oh wait, you have "secret" locations but your "too scared" to publicly name the addresses.

Right. For the record;

John, real office. RCMP accredited.
Michelle Real office, RCMP accredited.

Ken. Mailbox. Not even in Canada. Not accredited. Not even in the same time zone. But he will have some "guy" meet you and take your money. LOL

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #6

@ John Yeah, well we have people going down again next week in he limo and one client said that the will film it. So yeah baby girl, don't hate the playa if you cannot do what we are doing...Just hate the You would shit your pants if you saw the work load that we have to deal with on a daily basis. I am averaging 40-60 calls a day baby girl and 95% sign up at some point.

Maybe I will etransfer you a loan from our Surrey BC bank if you need some dollars...Oh how could I possibly etransfer a loan to you if I am only in England??? Hmmmm..How am I using my Canadian tire mastercard card in England?? Would you like to see my credit card statement?

Yeah, you only wish that you knew how we run our We can prosper on only 6 new clients a month since we do not run a Discount Waiver Company. Don't worry though since I already have a job waiting for you after Jennifer kicks you out of the house Must be tough sleeping in that Olds Delta 88 car although I think it is large enough? lol

K SCOTT replied 4 weeks ago   #5


You are broke and working out of an internet cafe in England. I am swamped with waiver applications here in Canada. No one has EVER seen these "pictures" you speak of, but feel free to show us all again.

"Lordship" to "I can't even stay in Canada" is quite a fall. No credentials, no pictures, no proof you have filed a SINGLE waiver in 2021...just YouTube videos. Sad. And like I said everyone, if your dumb enough to give some buddy of Ken's money for a limo, check out the quarantine for when you get back.

On another note, my sympathies to the West coast right now with all the severe heat. Must be awful.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #4

Obviously, you have not been on our site since this designation has been there for 2 years now. Also, I can understand that you do not have the resources that we do. Also, the fact that you cannot offer the services that we do as well. I may do a youtube video and show all of my old credentials on camera to include copies of my old law enforcement commission card, lordship I.D., and my old Pentagon badge that was previously issued to me. I may also show media stories where I was photographed in my old law enforcement uniform while on a service call. I also have about 30-35 awards that I obtained from working for the American federal gov't to include Homeland Security. I do not say things that I cannot back up. Obviously, you do not know me at

Again, I am sorry that you have not made anything of your life other than changing diapers on screaming brats. I have had the chance to live on a global scale and open multiple locations thus far. I feel bad for you based on the fact that you are stuck in a situation where you have no power and have to hide behind Jennifer's skirt since she owns everything. It is her business and you are basically there at her whim. Well, my friend, I call all the shots for my organization and have the final authority over everything. I can loan you some of my testosterone since I have way too much of it. If you do not like our success then it is your problem and not ours. I could not give a fuck less. However, you do serve our purposes for free advertising though.

Lord Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 1 month ago   #3

I am serious folks. Until its lifted be VERY careful with quarantine. A client of mine handed in her waiver and was given self quarantine on the way back. She largely ignored it and had just gotten home from Wal-mart when a Health officer showed up at her door. She asked what would have happened if she had not been home. $6000 fine. Imagine you take a Limo and have a great time and come home. Then you stay home for 14 days in this beautiful weather? Or face a $6000 fine?

Be careful. Some "rides" are not worth it.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #2

@Ken I can tell you haven't had a single client file a waiver recently.

If you go down by Limo on the way back they will make you quarantine. You think a person who can afford a Limo is going to be happy when they now can't leave their house for 2 weeks?

"Lord" Ken Scott? If you want people to TAKE you seriously, then BE serious.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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