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K SCOTTposted 7 months ago

We just made a short video to encourage waiver applicants to stand up for themselves and their rights. This video was inspired by a Facebook friend that mistakenly felt I was being on the side of "criminals" in a FB post. He is an old guy(go figure) that essentially said that "criminals" should be demonized. I politely but respectfully challenged his post. I essentially said that the "criminal label" is also used by some countries overseas against the LGBT community. Essentially, I told him that it was not right to shame people with labels.

Additionally, I stated that he must be a supporter of such persecution based upon his usage of the word "criminal." Strangely, he did not reply back. Hence, this video ties into waiver applicants since some are bullied by CBP officers and even other discount waiver company services providers.

Also, we made this to celebrate the fact that we have now reached the 100% success rate on all first time waiver clients that have not applied and got denied by the discount waiver companies. Additionally, we made this because some of the aforementioned companies seem to think that we are no longer in business because we do not have the time to post here. We are indeed still very much in business but do not have the time to come here as much since we are way too busy.

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Ken Scott is a fraud. Just look at his face, how he insults people, talks himself up, etc. He has no office locations and his website domain was registered in India (ha!). Con-artist scum at the highest level!!! I WISH he had an office; he'd be arrested on the spot.

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