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K SCOTTposted 1 month ago

This internet talk radio show episode is where the client describes her border treatment and her dealings with a McDonalds brand type discount waiver company in Ontario. The show is mostly to bring awareness of what it is like for some Canadians crossing the USA border. It is also about how these made in China type waiver companies only care about your money. People have to do their own due diligence when they get into this situation. Quality should not be sacrificed since it is much more important than cost.

Again, Canadians should be aware of the fact that they are crossing a border into a foreign nation. It is nothing to be taken lightly. You can listen live and call in to the episode if you wish. The episode will be broadcasted live at 10am Toronto time on 8/19/2021.

Ken Scott
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Let me show everyone the difference;

A client brought in a friend who used Pardons Canada. 45 St Clair St Toronto. Top of the google search.

He was PUSHED into starting a waiver during covid. Now he is being told all his documents and fingerprints are expired and he is being told that WAIVERS CANNOT BE HANDED IN RIGHT NOW.

So he came to my office and I showed him proof of all the clients i had done since May. I told him to go back to Andrew and demand he get what he paid for.

Of course the next day he called to book an appointment next week. Andrew will not budge.

See Ken? I even used the owners name. Stop being a coward. If someone does something wrong, and you really want to help people here, you NAME NAMES.

I have named you many times when I don't like something you have done. You threaten, but like everyone else, you can't sue when I am telling the truth...right?

I hope you do a good job for this woman, especially since she has no idea your not even on the same continent as her. The smart thing to do is to turn her over to me, let me do the fingerprints and the job properly, and she could have her waiver before October. I'll get her 5 years, don't worry.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #2

Let me save everyone some time and definitely money.

Ken bring on a woman who sounds like a real person who tried a waiver in 2018.
-They won't even name the company even though she is very unhappy with them
-she isn't even a Client yet of Ken's. She is a "prospective" waiver
-Obviously she has no idea what Ken REALLY does because he hasn't done a SINGLE thing but talk to her

Here are some highlights;

-Ken at first claims he knows BC is taking waivers because "the assistant port director told him personally".
-Later he realizes that sounds like he isn't doing waivers so he then claims "we are sending people all the time from our BC office"
-Its clear he hasn't done a SINGLE waiver recently. He keeps talking about people in the "past" who didn't need a waiver but never mentions eSAFE, how its done, the time it takes etc. He also gives "numbers" but only from March 2020 to April 2021. Meanwhile the border started taking them in May 2021.

-Ken claims he was "erroneous" when he told people on another podcast that his company has done 900+ waivers from March 2020 to April 2021
-He NOW claims it was 2984. Lets break that down;

-That is 5.86 a day (business days) He claims to charge between $1000-$10000 a client. Lets pretend it is $1000 only.
-That is $2 984 000, during a pandemic, when the BORDER IS CLOSED

Does ANYONE think a guy who has NO office, just a mailbox in Surrey BC, and broadcasts from a 1 bedroom apartment in BC actually made 3 million dollars...when there was no place to even HAND THE WAIVERS IN?

He tells this poor women he has 6 locations. Of course offers to fly her out, limo service etc...and he fails to mention that he isn't even in BC.

Ken. I listened to this nonsense, I made notes, and now you have my critique. Why all the falsehoods?

-If what you are doing it legit, if this woman was ripped off, why not name the people who did it? I post the name of people doing a bad job ALL THE TIME. INCLUDING YOU. I am not afraid. Why are you?

People, I am getting waivers, I post the details, and I am happy to show you REAL cases i am doing RIGHT NOW. I do them through eSAFE, and Michelle can verify the details I am posting look legit. If your really needing more proof, I can even let her log in to look for herself.

Ken? You offering the same transparency?

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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