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This video talks about the 5-year bans that you receive at the border. This is a fairly passionate topic with me since the 6C Misrepresentation violation is a lifetime ban. This means that you will still need a US Entry Waiver even after the 5-year ban is done. This will not apply is your 5-year ban is not for Misrepresentation. Be wary of these waiver providers that constantly push you to file for as waiver for every border issue. You could really end up screwing yourself in the future.

Also, on Monday or Tuesday we should be receiving some new US Entry Waiver tools to help clear complex cases. I am researching a case on a gentleman here that has a question about whether you need a US Entry Waiver for a criminal record that has been expunged.

I will have the answer to this question by next week. Anyway, check out our content and like and subscribe. Our popularity base is growing on a weekly basis. Our next video will be on women that are charged with escorting by CBP.

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Well that is great my friend but we have discussed this topic prior to 2017 and have the new manuals now to backup the information. I have shown some of the manuals on our last youtube video. We will also be doing an episode on this topic.Rehab is definitely part of the process but theree are other things involved.

I have had the criminal justice field training on this very issue from when I was a law enforcement officer. Hence, I have first hand knowledge on this process from starting from the prosecutor to the end of the process. We are clearing women now in Richmond BC that have been accused of @massage."

Lord Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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604 332-9213

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I have actually successfully gotten waivers for women who were stopped just over 3 years ago for "escorting". Homeland Security went through a period of targeting young women who used "making arrangements" (sugar daddy/prostitution websites) to meet men in the US. When they crossed, they were caught by the evidence in their cell phones.

I actually found out about this on this site. My first client had just been caught and contacted me here. Ultimately, she worked hard on the rehabilitation side, waited 3 years, and when we applied, she got a 5 year waiver.

This led to a few more clients, same problem. Mostly, same results.

The key is proof of rehabilitation, followed by the proper letter showing a "found redemption" change in lifestyle.

Anyone who has had this problem, and wants a solution that has worked in the past, contact me. I actually posted about this about 3 years ago on this very forum.

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