US Entry Waiver For Prostitution

K SCOTTposted 3 years ago

This video touches upon the topic of needing a US Entry Waiver for admitting to Prostitution/Massage. In my opinion, it is really not the business of the American govt regarding what a young woman voluntarily presumably does with her body to earn money. There is also nothing wrong with a young woman having sugar daddy or related things. I say that it is fine as long as it is consensual, and no one is harmed.

Anyway, we have much experience resolving cases such as these and have done so for years. We use the regulations and other applicable procedures to solve these problems. Be wary of hiring someone that offers cheap quick fix prices since you will likely suffer in the end. Remember, there is really no cheap fix for these and other border crossing problems. In the end, you have to decide whether quality or price is your most important factor.

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Lord Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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freenetdesign007 replied 5 months ago   #8

@Kelsey 416-843-1371 is my cell.

J Rogers replied 6 months ago   #7

@J Rogers how can I contact you @J Rogers

Kelsey replied 6 months ago   #6


So remember. These women were not "expecting" to be stopped. They have had a ticket probably paid for, and aren't "prepared" for what they are going to face, including having their phone searched.

So this information is "too late". For women who have not been stopped yet, they would even know what a waiver is, forget preemptively cruising "Waiver Forums".

As for your questions, people come to me AFTER they have been denied entry. Not before. I am dealing with the "aftermath" not preparing them for "what could happen".

J Rogers replied 3 years ago   #5

Sir, you unquestionably have a misunderstanding of the US Immigration Nationality Act. Any Canadian entering the USA is NOT REQUIRED to make a sworn statement. This is irregardless as to whether CBP has seen info in their phone or not. Sworn statement are all "voluntarily" given by people at the border. I person can indeed "decline" to answer any questions and request that they withdraw their admission to the USA. It clearly states within the first 3 sentences of every sworn statement that the information received must be voluntarily provided. The manual also speaks upon this issue in a similar fashion as well. The big mistake is the less experienced people think that they can make their situation better by offering more information to the officer. This does nothing except make the hole even deeper.

Also, I do not know what you are talking about, but we clear these women often. Also, the escorting could come under a different statute that is not a lifetime bar. It just depends on the specifics of each case. An example is that we have clients that only received a 10-year ban on escorting. It is clearly in the regulations. I understand that you may not have access to such materials and thus would be unaware of this basic fact.
However, the fact remains is that is not as hard to getting these former escorts cleared to enter the USA. The big thing is to analyse their case in detail and balance it with the appropriate regulations and laws. We have the guides in same manuals that CBP uses in adjudicating either waiver cases or deciding if they will deny the person's entry to the USA.

I do have a few questions and they are not meant to be trolling. Do you go over the US immigration regulations with the people if they come to you? Do you show them the same regulations and manuals that CBP uses in processing inadmissibility cases? I say this because our people usually want to know how we will get them cleared. Hence, we have to sit down with them and go over the relevant material. Then they see exactly where their money is going and why. You have raised a good point here and I will make a Youtube video on this topic.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 3 years ago   #4


Your misunderstanding the situation these women are in. I have been approached by 6 women in this scenario, all were stopped around the same time. Obviously they were targeting these women.

They are stopped, they get questioned, and they look through their phones. It becomes evident at that point they are engaged in something prostitution/sugar daddy related. They won't release them until they admit to SOMETHING. The problem is they already told Homeland Security they are seeing a boyfriend, or friends, or just shopping. So they have caught them in a "lie".

The interviews make it clear they know what to ask. "How much do you charge?" "What acts do you carry out?" They also go hard on the "you must use drugs, at least marijuana, to make this bearable" or "drugs to make it a party" angle. They make you admit it all, or threaten to keep you there.

So after this, they have admitted to prostitution, and also lying to Homeland Security. You cannot get them "cleared" especially when the date of the "offence" is THAT day. They have to wait 3 years, do some "rehabilitation" and they they will get the waiver.

Unfortunately, most run to a lawyer, file a waiver, pay big $$ and are rejected. The waiver is garbage, and they are trying to get a waiver for something they JUST ADMITTED TO. Barely any time has elapsed.

@Ken Your answer seems to be "pre-emptive", to them being caught. But no one is googling this information UNTIL they are caught. No one involved in this lifestyle is aware of the crackdown. If they are, they are making sure their stories and phones are consistent. As for "having their guidelines", you always claim this, but never provide proof. You showed the Sorna Charts, why not this?

My first client on here for that was given a 5 year waiver on her first attempt. Again, as I mention above, if you are caught for this, you NEED a waiver, and it NEEDS to be done specifically to address the prostitution/sugar daddy issue. I assume when the border opens again, it will remain similar.

J Rogers replied 3 years ago   #3

That is fine but we have the criteria that CBP uses in their sworn statements in order to make these women inadmissible. We may do a show on this actual criteria and then they won't need a #us entry waiver in the future. They cannot make you inadmissible unless you admit to certain elements.

Ken Scott
senior U.S Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 3 years ago   #2


I have actually successfully gotten waivers for women who were stopped just over 3 years ago for "escorting". Homeland Security went through a period of targeting young women who used "making arrangements" (sugar daddy/prostitution websites) to meet men in the US. When they crossed, they were caught by the evidence in their cell phones.

I actually found out about this on this site. My first client had just been caught and contacted me here. Ultimately, she worked hard on the rehabilitation side, waited 3 years, and when we applied, she got a 5 year waiver.

This led to a few more clients, same problem. Mostly, same results. In Ontario you will want to talk to me first.

The key is proof of rehabilitation, followed by the proper letter showing a "found redemption" change in lifestyle. For clients in Ontario, I already have places lined up that you can get "rehabilitation" from. When the border opens, I can make sure your prepared to get the waiver approved.

Anyone who has had this problem, and wants a solution that has worked in the past, contact me. I actually posted about this about 3 years ago on this very forum.

J Rogers replied 3 years ago   #1

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