US Entry Waiver For Cabotage & B1 Visa Repercussions

K SCOTTposted 3 weeks ago

Here is a video on Canadian truck drivers needing a US Entry Waiver for Cabotage. We will also discuss B-1 visa repercussions. We also have a client telling us about his experience filing a #usentrywaiver at the border. The client in the video mentioned the fact that our other client elected not to walked over to CBP since he has only received 1 shot of his Pfizer vaccine.

Apparently, there have been other discussions on this forum regarding this issue. We have not been following the posts since we are way too busy with these border cases. However, we can just sum it all up by saying that it has been reported to us that Canada border officers will order you to quarantine for 14 days if you try to re-enter without receiving both shots of the vaccine. This has not been a problem for us as much since most people usually contact the Canadian side to check out the entry requirements if they walk over to CBP to file their waiver packets.

The limousine service has apparently been very successful, and this has resulted in our clientele apparently being even happier with this added free bonus. We also have a client in the video that went down to file his waiver on the day that we did this talk radio show episode. In his case, he was flown into BC to file since he is one of our VIP clients. This is also another service that we offer our high-profile VIP clientele only.

Anyway, just remember that we are always here to support our friends and affiliates on this forum with useful and interesting information regarding resolving USA border crossing issues. Also note that our vast knowledge and experience comes directly from USA govt regulations, statutes, laws, DHS policy manuals, the CBP waiver adjudication sheets and more.

We arealso always looking for guests tha wish to appear on our highly successful talk radio show and other social media platforms. Anyone here can be a guest if they desire. This also includes "competitors" if they wish.

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If they aren’t vaxxed then they aren’t going to meet re entry requirements overall and they are going to have to quarantine. Which is what the rules are. Get vaccinated. It’s pretty simple.

Their travel is going to be severely limited without vaccinations. Maybe the only place they’ll be able to go without being vaxxed is to the USA after they get their waiver. But they won’t be coming back to Canada without a quarantine.

BackToUSA replied 2 weeks ago   #7


Yes the re-entry into Canada is a challenge, and like I said before, my clients are mainly vaxxed, but I do have some notable holdouts.

I warn them the best I can, but I have also gotten exemptions through Health Canada when people have been stuck with the self quarantine.

If you get stuck in that position, let me know and I will give you the info I have and the number.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #6


I have to admit that e-safe was a bit of a challenge for me to accept. I don't like change... However, now that I have used it and had success with it...I really would not go back to the old way. E-safe is absolutely great for tracking the application and I love that I can download the waiver and present it to the client. And the time line is amazing. Hopefully, it will continue like this when things go back to normal (if they ever do)..I imagine there will be some longer time lines, but anything is better then the 6 months I was waiting before.

I am struggling a bit with with providing accurate Quarantine info and keeping individuals updated, but I also realize this is not my expertise, and it really is up to the client to research their own Quarantine process as some people are defensive when asked about Vaccine.. My advise to my clients "you have 45 days to do your bio-metrics - it is up to you to figure out how that is going to work with your lifestyle decisions." Then I give them Canada Customs phone number. Seems to be working for me and my clients.

Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #5

I think what we all want to see though is you and Ken in a steel cage.

You can do the Superfly Jimmy Snuka off the top of the cage like he did against Big John Studd!

jazzsax1 replied 2 weeks ago   #4

Well, I train in an actual gym with a ring, cage and mats. I'm certainly game to spar and roll, but since I ACTUALLY fight/train for a hobby and Ken fights only in his imagination, I don't think it would be much of a challenge. Also logistically, he lives in England and I live in Canada. As for waivers, I am only posting a portion of what I am actually doing to give an idea of dates/times, but I don't want to overwhelm the board. Does anyone really think Ken has done an actual waiver since Covid? I would wager not a single one, since they are ONLY taking eSAFE now for non essential workers, and Ken has said he won't use it.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #3

I would pay to see John and Ken fight like Predator in the Jungle.

jazzsax1 replied 2 weeks ago   #2

So the border is only taking eSAFE but you apparently don't do eSAFE yet your sending people to the border? In a limo? Are they meeting you at the mailbox since you still don't even have an office?

Is anything you say actually real?

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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