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K SCOTTposted 2 years ago

Greetings everyone.... Here is some valuable info on a particular service that we offer. Usually, we post info here so that it can hopefully benefit you in obtaining your US Entry Waiver. This is one video where we are pitching a service that we are offering to everyone to include here. Specifically, we have a service where we turn around a waiver case that has been denied by a Discount Waiver Company or lawyer. I do not think that we have posted this video yet.

Anyway, the borders are going to reopen hopefully soon. This will be your chance to file your waiver. We still prefer the paper method but we will do esafe if requested by the client. A lot of our clients actually prefer the paper method since they do not care whether the waiver comes back fast or not.

Anyway, check out our video and let us know if you find anything that is of interest to you. We have weathered the pandemic with virtually no issues. Ironically, we have become even stronger since the borders have been closed. Our previously established business model has allowed us to thrive during the pandemic. This is based on the special formula that we have developed to cover funds coming in and expenditures.

These new services promise to be extremely profitable since the Discount Waiver Companies and lawyers often screw up cases and get the person denied. Once again, we thank you guys for the kind words that you provide us on the phone and by email. I have also been told by some forum members to personally thank a certain individual that constantly brings up me and England. It has given us the opposite impact of what this person had intended. It serves to reinforce that we are a global entity and are continually expanding thus far. Btw we still have openings in our affiliates program. This is where we engage in profit sharing with our affiliates.

We are the only Canadian business in this industry that can obtain the September Letters, have a global footprint, can boast a 98-99% success rate, have the internal criteria that CBP uses to approve waiver cases, and much more.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

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A couple of points here;

1. Yes there are companies that do very "cookie-cutter" Waivers. Usually a rejection is based on "not enough time elapsing" or "seriousness of the offence not being addressed" or even "lack of contrition". In the most egregious cases, the company didn't care that the person would be denied and applied anyways.

2. The rejection letter is much more instructive than anything else. So Ken is right, once we have a denial, you can a) address the concerns directly b) make sure the waiver is now approved

3. Ken would like to give the impression that he can get "September Letters" where others cannot. He is overselling his abilities, as he always has.

4. "Senior US Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst" is the type of title someone gives themselves when they are trying to create an "aura" around their abilities. Ken has no clue how ridiculous that looks.

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