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sebGTAposted 8 years ago

I'm about to submit my first entry waiver application and have a couple of questions. I live in the GTA and heard that YYZ is busy for waiver interviews. Should I go down to Niagara instead? Anyone have experience using a land border crossing? Second question, how long does the interview take? Thanks in advance

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I also went to queenston/lewiston. submitted march 31 2015 still waiting. this would be my 22nd year of having these waivers. I've never waited this long though. Starting to worry.

Figman replied 8 years ago   #2

I went to Queenstown Lewiston bridge. There are a number of people in line for various reasons, you just need to wait for them to call your name. I didn't go through any formal interview, the officer just reviewed the paperwork and went through a check list to make sure everything was there. Took about three hours. Submitted end of August, still waiting..

puzzled replied 8 years ago   #1

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