Trying to cross border with waiver app pending

Biker2023posted 1 year ago

I have applied or my second waiver early Dec 2022-first waiver was 5 years- I have a big trip planned end of April 2023 and have had my flight booked for quite awhile. I’m thinking I should have applied earlier but too late for that now, My question- if I do not get my waiver by my flight day what would happen if I went to customs at the airport and explained my situation, does border agent have discretion to let me in or are his hands tied by ‘the law’. Also would I be hurting my case for my waiver?

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I am optimistic I will get it in time but at the same time all the ‘what if’s’ are in my mind. I will wait a few more weeks up until the week of the flight but if I don’t get it is there a way or someone to ask to get approval before the day I actually need to cross?

Biker2023 replied 1 year ago   #4


There was also a gentleman who was given permission to cross while he was awaiting his waiver but received his waiver the day before his trip (John had posted about it when his waiver was approved).

Marsha replied 1 year ago   #3

@Biker2023 processing at the moment is around the 4 month and 2 -3 days mark so sounds like you may have your waiver in time. There is a post on port parole somewhere and John said one of his clients were granted permission to cross a whiles back but I believe this was related to land crossing.

Marsha replied 1 year ago   #2

I should add Im Canadian and will be flying out of Montreal and US customs is at the airport

Biker2023 replied 1 year ago   #1

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