Travel waiver expiring while in the US

Craigposted 8 years ago

Hey Guys,
I'm about 9 months into my first waiver. I started the renewal process about 6 months in and I'm still waiting for things to come back, Haven't yet applied at the Airport. I have a trip coming up this winter and it falls right in the time when my waiver will expire. My question is this: If I'm in the US when my waiver expires, Will it cause problems for my renewal? I doubt now that even if I applied in the next week, I would be able to get it back in time to travel. Any information you guys might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!

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HI @Moozeee1... congrats! Great that you got 5 year deal... hope I do too. I used to get 5 year waivers but last time bumped back down to 1 year. I have only received the standard response "being processed" but I don't want to send any more requests.

Figman replied 8 years ago   #5

@Figman - yes I received it on December 29,2015. Took over 8 months. It was my second Waiver and is thankfully good for 5 years. Have you received any responses to your emails to the ARO?

Moozeee1 replied 8 years ago   #4

Hey Moozeee1 have you received yours yet? What do you mean wait times are more than doubled now? I'm into mid January now waiting for application for renewal done March 31st.
I've been doing these since 1994 and this is the longest ever. My last renewal took 7 months. Prior to that it was usually about 5 months.

Figman replied 8 years ago   #3


The decision to admit you is made by the border officer. They may allow you into the US before your waiver expires but require you to leave when it expires.

What most do not know is that every time a US border official admits you into the US the default time is for a period up to six months. I found that out when I had a great chat with a border official on my first 5 month snowbird stay in Florida. That said the border official can allow you to enter the US but then restrict your amount of time in the country. It is not an automatic 6 months, it is just the default. That said the border officer may allow you into the US but require you to return to Canada before your waiver expires.

Peter K replied 8 years ago   #2

Hi there. I wouldn't take any chances. I applied for my renewal over 6 months ago. And my waiver has now expired in September 2015 and I cannot go back to the U.S. until I get another one. Wait times are more than double now. Make sure you treat your Waiver application as if it's your first. More information is better than less. Believe me I elinmated one step in the process as I was professionally told to not include certain details and I got a letter from them saying it my application was not complete. I promptly sent via courier the information they needed on overnight express and still no response. Good luck. I think their rules have changed and perhaps they are just that busy.

Moozeee1 replied 8 years ago   #1

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