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Malikposted 1 year ago

Hi there I just got my waiver approved want to know I am going to travel by land and then flying to Washington do they give you 6 months entry or the travel dates I will give if J Rogers can reply or anyone knows thanks.

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@Malik thanks. That’s the hope when they time comes as well.

Tiffany replied 1 year ago   #7

Thanks Tiffany I wish you all the best I hope you get yours soon @Tiffany

Malik replied 1 year ago   #6

@Malik so glad you got it. Congratulations. I’m still waiting for my police check to come back.

Tiffany replied 1 year ago   #5

Thanks Tiffany it was my first application got it for one year.@Tiffany

Malik replied 1 year ago   #4

Thanks J.Rogers for reply appreciated you been always nice and kind that’s all I wanted to know once again thank you.

Malik replied 1 year ago   #3

Congratulations Malik. I’m glad you finally got it. Please share how long you got it far if you don’t mind.

Tiffany replied 1 year ago   #2

You can stay a maximum of 180 days in a calendar year. But like everyone, you have to have a reason and a return ticket if you are staying that long.

You might be confusing that with the I-94 card which valid for 6 months. It does not mean you can STAY for 6 months, you must ask the inspecting officer. He will ask "where are you going, and for how long?" If you say 6 months and are not a retired person, he will probably ask to see your phone.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #1

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