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Eddie0303posted 3 months ago


First time waiver for me and my question is about the travel information on the form. Do I need to know where and when I plan to travel to? Just looking of having waiver done in advance of any specific travel plans and I’m unsure how to complete this section.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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Just show up and show both pages.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #8

wavier traveller, first time going to the us with a wavier do you call ahead with plans or just show up at boarder and present the information?

Amy replied 3 weeks ago   #7

@J Rogers

Thanks for the help!

Eddie0303 replied 3 months ago   #6


So for my clients;

New York
Rainbow Bridge
Up to two weeks
Airplane and Car

Vacation and holidays, and as a truck driver......etc...

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #5

@J Rogers
Ok I’m still confused :(

Travel information section copied from application below:

Travel Information

Location at Which you Plan to Enter the United States (desired Port-of-Entry)
*20.a. City

20.b. State

*21. Name of Port-of-Entry

*22. How do you plan to travel to the United States? (For example, by plane, ship, car)

*23. When do you plan to enter the United States? (mm/dd/yyyy)

*24. Approximate Length of Stay in the United States

*25. What is the purpose of your stay in the United States? Explain fully below.

Is this section not different than where biometrics will be done? Because I don’t have definitive travel plans to the US at this point and I’m just trying to have waiver in place prior to any travel plans this section is confusing. Do I just make up some travel plans or have to have something planned before I can complete this section?

Eddie0303 replied 3 months ago   #4


No, just say "up to two weeks" You can stay longer, don't worry.

I meant that port you put is the one where you do your biometrics, but once the waiver is granted, you can travel through ANY port.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #3

@J Rogers
Yes done thru esafe. Was just unsure of the wording in this section as it asks to detail travel plans (which I don’t have yet). If I’m only completing this for biometrics, my length of stay would be 1 day? Questions 20-25 on the travel information portion of the waiver.

Eddie0303 replied 3 months ago   #2


Put the port you plan to do your biometrics in. This is through eSAFE right?

So for my clients, we would put Buffalo then Rainbow Bridge. Once the waiver is granted you can cross anywhere.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #1

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