Tracking time in United States?

WorldTravellerposted 1 year ago

For those of you who travel back and forth between the United States and Canada, how do keep records of your crossings? In other words, you’re allowed to be in the U.S., 180 days out of a 12 month period.

U.S. Customs and Border can make mistakes on records. Do you keep your own record on paper, spreadsheet or ?????

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@SarahB one thing to do is when you drive across (this really wouldn’t pertain to flying) make sure that they take your passport and scan it. I actually know of someone who crossed from Washington State with just her driver’s license because she told them she had forgotten her passport and I guess the agent was kind enough to let her into Canada. This was just 4-5 years ago so one technically would need a passport to cross the border.

I had an issue where there was no record of me leaving the US a couple times because my passport was never scanned when I drove across.

A CBP agent even explicitly told me that was a flaw in the system because they don’t always scan your passport when driving and so there would be no record of you actually leaving the country.

I have an overstay which I have no issue admitting to but literally there were a couple instances of there being no record of me having left the country when indeed I had.

I guess this long winded reply is basically to tell you that make sure you have it recorded that you left the country so you don’t have to deal with trying to prove you left the country. The burden of proof is on you. That way there’s no danger of you exceeding the 180 day limit as per the reciprocity agreement between Canada and America.

As a side note the Democrats a few years ago were trying to bump this up to 240 days and had Clinton won and not Trump this was basically going to be a done deal.

Magnus replied 1 year ago   #3

@SarahB It does make a difference if we have a record we kept. Both the U.S. and Canada have our travel records. Therefore, it’s not just your word because you can also get proof from Canada, too. It keeps everyone honest.

I’m just curious how people track of the days. I’m just curious

WorldTraveler replied 1 year ago   #2

Not to sound rude or anything but is it going to help me, you or anyone else if I were to say I make notes of it somewhere. At the end of the day, unless you have entry/ exit records from both the Americans and Canada border control, what you put on paper or anywhere else would be useful. Just my 99 cents. Like are they going to take our words for it? If that was the case, many people wouldn’t have bans for overstays.

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Would not be useful**

SarahB replied 1 year ago   #1

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