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Status did not change to "Status changed to Submitted to ARO" after biometric data given

Nathanposted 4 weeks ago

I am just wondering.., I went for a I-192 e-safe fingerprint this afternoon, I did not get any email notification or update on my on online application "Status changed to Submitted to ARO", is this normal?, I called cbp and told me it takes couple of days to get updated...
Thanks Nathan

Replies (recent first):

BackToUSA - Yes, I got my email this morning 10:17 AM, ARO received it August 30

Nathan replied 3 weeks ago   #4

Hey Nathan - I submitted biometrics August 25th (Wednesday last week) and just got my email that ARO received it Monday August 30.

BackToUSA replied 3 weeks ago   #3

Michelle, Thanks for your quick response, I will post you once I have update.

Nathan replied 4 weeks ago   #2

Nathan, yes, I think this is normal, as more people are using e-safe the system will slow down, as John as noted. It took about 3 days for updates on my client's file.

Michelle replied 4 weeks ago   #1

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