Share experiences please on file destructions please

Boxyposted 5 months ago

Hi all,

Starting this thread for people who have gotten a file destruction or a purge and never had a problem at the US border to share their experiences. It would be really helpful as the panic to even try traveling is killing me!

It would be great to read real life experiences from people who have gotten in without problems after their file destruction or even answered no to the question ‘have you ever been arrested?

Please share, we have a trip coming up and I can hardly sleep at night, lol. The possibility of an embarrassing situation plagues me.

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@marsha No, not for a waiver. I wanted to find out if I can apply for a US visa after a file destruction. I don’t want to answer yes to their ever being arrested question, so I was asking if there is extra scrutiny involved with a visa. It’s basically submitting an application form and appearing for an interview.

@J Rogers, thank you for the insight. No, I didn’t contract Dominion partners, I believe it was pardon partners, pardons Canada, National Pardons and liberty waivers. Do you advise I go ahead with the visa application?

Livefree replied 4 months ago   #6

@Livefree visa or waiver? If this is a waiver question, I believe that you have to be a Canadian citizen to qualify for this program. John would be able to confirm but this is my understanding as it relates to requirements

Marsha replied 4 months ago   #5


I don't think the level of scrutiny for a visa is more.

As for angry pardon companies, Dominion Pardons I would worry about because Richard Breslin has been known to blackmail people before and has even gone to an employer to rat someone out.

He has a serious criminal record and his office is fortified because he is so hated. Other pardon companies are fairly harmless in this regard.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #4

Just came across this forum and I am interested in this thread.

Supposing one is not a Citizen yet and needs to apply for a visa after a file destruction, do they dig deeper and perform more checks vs a quick criminal check at the border? Or will it be better to wait for citizenship?

I wonder if applying for a visa gives them more time to further investigate or get reports from local police for instance.

Also, I have contacted a few pardon companies who offer these service and given them my name. This may sound stupid, but I sometimes get paranoid that they may get angry and notify US homeland of my name and file in CPIC since I didn’t use their service. I know it sounds stupid but it’s a fear I have, especially after a nasty and rude encounter with one of their reps where I told him off. I had given him my actual first and middle names but a false last name, I wonder if that is enough for homeland to search my info and download it to their database

John Rogers, your thoughts as the expert please?

Livefree replied 4 months ago   #3

@Boxy the criminal

If you were not denied entry, and your file has been destroyed, then there is no way for Homeland Security to find you had a criminal history. No need to stress about this. Please delete the other thread you started so useful information is available to those who needs it. If you need further reassurance, call my office number and ask for John. 905-459-9669.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #2


Boxy the criminal.....

Boxy the criminal replied 4 months ago   #1

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