Sexually Based Offences

J Rogersposted 2 weeks ago

I have had 2 waivers now granted in the past 11 months for Sexually based offences.

The first was for a year, the offence was in 1995. It was granted quickly. The Waiver had conditions on it, that the person had to let local police knoew when they travelled to their city.

The second had the following timeline

Documents Shared With You
ARO Decision
Please review the documents
Status History (5)
6/14/2022, 10:00 AM EDT : Status changed to Completed
2/28/2022, 09:30 AM EST : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
2/23/2022, 09:28 PM EST : Status changed to Paid
2/23/2022, 09:26 PM EST : Status changed to Signed
12/14/2021, 02:16 PM EST : Application Created

It was only granted for 6 months, but no conditions. He had applied before and was rejected.

Before this year, the Trump administration was NOT granting waivers for sexually based offences. I have yet to find a single verifiable
waiver that was granted after he was elected, even if it was a BS conviction for same sex consensual sex.

I have not had any waivers like this rejected, (yet) and I have a few in the pipeline.

These are not serial rapists or offences like that. But if you have a sexually based offence, this gives you some hope that they might be taking
an open-minded approach to adjudication.

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