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Michelleposted 7 months ago

September Letter granted - (not sure where this term came from, but I am using it to stay consistent with previous threads.)

I do not promote September Letters.


October 8, 2010
Deported under section 237 and removed from the USA - given a 10 year ban.

Filed E-safe: Feb. 23, 2022
September Letter : April 13, 2022

NOTE: This case was for a Husband and Wife - Details are the same for both.

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I don't think Virginia is going to give you a September Letter for that, although things change all of the time. The officers at the border have NO say. It's not uncommon for a border to not have the "bigger picture" of what needs a waiver, and what does not.

I have multiple clients with shopliftings that we have even tried the "petty offence exemption" and they simply give them 5 year waivers.

Waxing a handgun around in a club in 2008? I got a client a September Letter for THAT. Ridiculous, although the client was thrilled.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #8

I went to do my biometrics today after submitting e-safe. This is my third waiver. Had a 1 and a 5 year. My conviction was a summary conviction for possession of stolen property under $5000 in 1998. My first application I used a waiver company and made a specific request for a September letter and stated my case including legal references. Got a 1 year waiver. I've had CBP officers in the past tell me they didn't think I needed a waiver while crossing.

Today while submitting, the CBP officer involved his colleagues and superior. He felt I didn't need a waiver and his superior officer agreed. He said he made note of it while submitting. Does the dept of Homeland security take that into consideration when processing the application?

Bmore replied 1 month ago   #7


I would say ZERO chance.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #6

What’s the chances of a ‘September letter’ for indictable theft under 5? Do you apply the same way you normally do for a waiver and just happen to get a letter ?

Cb709 replied 3 months ago   #5


1.) I have never seen references contacted for ANY waiver.

2) I have copies with the personal info blotted out but not sure how to post them here. I keep them in a binder so I can show people.

Wording is.....First sentence is always like this

This correspondence is in reference to your Form I-192, Application for Advance Permission Enter as non Immigrant submitted by you on or about (date)

We have reviewed the circumstances surrounding your request for admission (date) at Buffalo -Niagara Falls. It is the determination of this offices that you do no require discretionary relief under INA 2-12 (d)(3)(A) to seek entry into the United States"

Your future inspections upon applying for admission to the United States, will be conducted in the normal process accorded an applicant seeing admission to this country".

3.) Technically, yes you carry this letter or a copy of this letter forever. I assume they eventually just take you out of the "flagged" category but the truth is I am not sure. Waiver clients contact me all the time, September Letter clients send me people but I don't really have a reason to talk to them unless they need a copy of the letter.

Funny story, client before the pandemic got a September Letter. 3 weeks ago I was making a folder up with rejections, September Letters, waivers, anything clients might want to see when they come in. I was white-outing the names/etc and I have this clients in front of me. Lets say "Steve Smith" to make up a fake name. So it is on my desk. Then I am told a client is here to renew his waiver. Its Steve Smith. He FORGOT he had a September Letter, and thought he had just lost his waiver. I gave him a copy and he was thrilled.

I guess you could say "the fastest September Letter ever" LOL

What are the odds???

J Rogers replied 6 months ago   #4

I’m wondering if someone could answer a couple of questions regarding not only the September Letter, but the approval process in general.

1. Are references typically contacted? It has been my experience that that have not been contacted, however wondering about any other experiences.

2. Is it possible to post the wording used in a September Letter without disclosing any personal information?

3. If a September Letter is granted, do you need to travel with the letter?

Thanks for your help…


Beezur replied 6 months ago   #3


This was a surprise, because he literally pointed a handgun at a crowd in a club in 2006. (to disperse people he was fighting with) He was convicted. But he was given a September Letter.
Right now is absolutely the BEST time I have ever seen to get a September Letter. His conviction is below.


Documents Shared With You
ARO Decision
Please review the documents
Status History (5)
5/13/2022, 07:00 AM EDT : Status changed to Completed
3/11/2022, 12:30 PM EST : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
3/7/2022, 09:01 PM EST : Status changed to Paid
3/7/2022, 08:56 PM EST : Status changed to Signed
1/31/2022, 01:53 PM EST : Application Created

J Rogers replied 6 months ago   #2

@Michelle Awesome!!!

Like I have said before, its obvious this is a great time for a "September Letter" to happen....given the right circumstances.

J Rogers replied 7 months ago   #1

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