September Letter - No US Entry Waiver Needed

K SCOTTposted 2 years ago

This video is about the fact that not every criminal conviction will require a US Entry Waiver. The Ontario bargain waiver companies keep trying to push a waiver on every criminal conviction. This is a pure waste of money and a cash grab. Also, this could bite you in the arse in the end by filing for an unneeded waiver. It could severely hamper your chance to get a future US green card. A September Letter will help you in this case if you qualify. Please not that not every offence will qualify for the September Letter. We will not post a list of offence that qualify for this special form of relief.

I also have a 2019 video of me at the London UK office with Mr. Ben Archer that I will post in a bit. I wonder how I can fit in such a small "mailbox" as per the mellow fellow. 😜

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@J Rogers , so just to confirm September letter can happen at any point? Not just the first time that you apply?

Just me replied 1 week ago   #7

@Just me Yes go through the thread where I post all my results and a couple of weeks ago a client got one. 1 or 2 a month on average.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #6

@J Rogers Thank you for explanation.
So it is still possible to get SEPTEMBER letter these days..

Just me replied 1 week ago   #5

@Just Me You apply for a waiver but have the right CIRCUMSTANCES to get one. Sometimes we get surprises.

-gun offences
-you were convicted as a youth but it was before the Young Offenders Act
-certain assaults.
-you have an immigration situation, like applied for asylum or they suspect you overstayed and you can prove you did nothing wrong.

Things that apparently NEED a waiver
-most other offences including possession of drugs of any kind
-theft including shoplifting
-most assaults
-anything on the list considered "moral turpitude".

We try to aim the applications for this scenario but it doesn't always work. That being said, under Biden I get 1 or 2 a month on average, under Trump it was maybe 4 a year.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #4

Can someone explain in details what exactly need to happen to get September letter?

Just Me replied 1 week ago   #3

@ John The first question is obviously incorrect so no need to elaborate. You do not seem to understand the content Sparky. I am telling people that we can get lifetime clearances for moderate and complex cases/convictions.

I am not talking about you going deer hunting at 14 with your daddy's shotgun. Our website specifies the actual work that we do and what we specialize in. Apparently, you are the only one that does not understand based on our frighteningly elevated call volume since Jan 22, 2021.

Lord Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 2 years ago   #2

First of all, I think it is good that you are posting content. Kudos.


This video is full of misleading statements. I will focus on 2 simple parts. (to keep this short)

1. You do not have ANY Canadian offices. "3 offices in BC" is ridiculous, you have a mailbox ONLY.

2. "We are the only Canadian Company focusing on September Letters". This is a misleading statement that ignores the fact that many of us will point out that the client MAY not be inadmissible when the situation arises. Most people (not all) need a waiver when they are denied entry. When your a waiver only company, but you present yourself as "maybe we can get you off the waiver program", you are in fact selling an actual service, but preying on the fact that people hate filing waivers.

If you are not being fully honest about these two points, why would anyone trust anything else you say?

J Rogers replied 2 years ago   #1

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