September Letter - No US Entry Waiver Needed

KSCOTTposted 1 month ago

OK so everyone has probably already heard that the US Entry Waiver application fee will be increasing from $585usd to $1400 on Oct 2, 2020. This will be a painful experience for some people. Now this is the time for people to serious look before you leap in terms of if you even need a US Entry waiver. This post will receive a massive amount of hate from waiver competitors and especially those that run cheap Discount Waiver Companies in Ontario. They make their money on repeat business and will falsely tell you that absolutely every offence requires a waiver.

The truth is that this is not necessarily the case since some cases can be cleared for life. Apparently, we are the only Canadian/global business that either focuses on these letters or know how to get them. People do not say the wrong thing and the border and talk yourself into needing a US Entry Waiver if you have not been convicted.

If you have a conviction for Trafficking drugs the USA deems federally illegal, no US citizen parents and are not First Nations, then you definitely will need a US waiver. If you have a B & E conviction and missing the other 2 aforementioned traits, then you will need a US Entry Waiver. Just to set the record straight, DUI for alcohol only, does not need a waiver as long as it is not an Aggravated DUI in the USA.
Now if you have certain other offences then you may qualify. We do not publish a list of the offences that we can get cleared for life since competitors are circling like sharks looking for this info. It will really depend on the particulars of each case. Also note that some people may think our fee to get these letters is high, but it is cheap compared to paying $1400usd govt fee per application over the next 30-50 years or more of your life. We have also successfully cleared some people cleared at a Port of Entry and they were deemed by CBP to not need a waiver.

Also, there will be an individual by the name of John R that runs a Discount Waiver Company. He will see this post, despises these letters, and will try to discourage you from asking questions since he is apparently a part time waiver competitor and full time Utilities Consultant in Ontario. I am stating for the record that we will offer a complete 100% money back guarantee if we promise that you will get this letter but only receive a waiver. John nor no other competitor will match this offer because they simply cannot either afford to or do not know how to obtain them or both.

This is not a sales pitch, but I want people to understand that again not every offence will require a US Entry Waiver, and this is whether you use us or not. We are fine if you call us for the screening and then go for the Discount Waiver Company. Note that if/when you get denied, it will be that much more work to get you cleared. Currently we are only doing them for BC residents that come referred to us by trusted sources or that I personally bump into at social functions in Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, and Abbotsford. If you call us, then we will tell you on the phone whether you need a US Entry Waiver or not at no cost.

Ok John now the floor is yours and please make even more false statements about us so we will have too much evidence against your Discount Waiver Company on our pending libel lawsuit against you.

888 908-3841

604 332-9213

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Thank you, Michelle, for always being the peace maker. It is unfortunate that you are in this position since this nice gentleman likes to continually attempt to attack people here in this forum. Like a neutered and spaded female dog, he just does not get quoted by my Surrey BC manager Rick S. He insignificant commentary further erodes his negligible credibility and he is unquestionably oblivious.

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Btw John my administrator is going for her advanced and needs a case study for someone suffering from the Napolean Complex. I told her that she could call you but I guess you have to clear it with your boss first Jennifer

Also, why do you give really bad legal advice here on this forum? Just curious.

Replies (recent first):

@magnus A September Letter may not be needed for an overstay. The book says that if you overstay 1 year then it is a 10-year ban. An example is that you finally entered Canada on 1 Sept 2010 but stayed in the USA unlawfully from Sept 2007-Sep 2010. Your 10-year ban would be over on or about 2 Sep 2020 give or take a day and you would not need a waiver again for that "specific offence." It is a different story if your 10-year ban is over but you voluntarily admitted to a CBP officer at the border that you committed an offence that makes you inadmissible but was never caught or convicted. Then you would need a waiver for the voluntary admission since this is written in the code.

At that point, you would not need a waiver for Overstay and would not even have to try and get a September Letter. This is you just waited out the 10 years and do not have a secondary offence of Misrepresentation which is a lifetime ban. We have also successfully got a September for people that they thought overstayed but there is a loophole that can be used to show that the person did not overstay depending on how the entry is listed in the system.

So yes there can be a way to possibly get a September Letter if you have overstayed past the 1-year mark depending on what is on the computer and a few other things. We mostly get them for certain criminal offences/events depending on the circumstances. We used to be able to get them on Sworn Statement by showing the statement did not meet certain criteria. CBP concurred at times and the person did not need a waiver. It is harder to do this with the sworn statements now since they changed the process around 2013.

I have a copy of the training material that CBP issues to their officers on how to effectively obtain a sworn statement from people.

This is why the Discount Waiver Companies despise us because they do not understand the specifics of the system and automatically try to everyone to file for a waiver since it is easy fast money for them. We don't do that, and we try to see if the person qualifies for the lifetime clearance when they call. Does not make any sense for a person to have to keep paying $585usd per application every so many years if they could get a lifetime clearance and save that money. This is why the mental midget gets upset every time we try to help people obtain these services. Sometimes we do cases for free, but this depends on whom you are and who you have referred to us as well as the number of referrals.

KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #7


I have always said September Letters exist. I outlined how I had a client from Haiti who got one in the fall. As I have said before, if the circumstances are right, and Homeland Security does not believe you are inadmissible, a September Letter is possible. However, you claim to have some "magical" package that will get the person a September Letter. This is deceptive. I have seen 2 of your packages that you told people would get them September letters and both simply resulted in Waivers. In both letters you actually used the term "Occams Razor" (I addressed this before but you never explained it.

Here is an explanation for everyone...maybe you could explain why this would make Homeland Security suddenly think the person is not inadmissible.

"Occam’s razor, also spelled Ockham’s razor, also called law of economy or law of parsimony, principle stated by the Scholastic philosopher William of Ockham (1285–1347/49) that pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate, “plurality should not be posited without necessity.” The principle gives precedence to simplicity: of two competing theories, the simpler explanation of an entity is to be preferred. The principle is also expressed as “Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.”

Connect the dots for everyone. Maybe I am just not seeing it.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #6

Perhaps this has been answered before but I’m just going to ask anyway. Does a “September Letter” exist if you have an overstay and no other offenses?

Magnus replied 1 month ago   #5

I'm not getting into an argument, but social functions aren't being stopped.

Case in point, I flew to vancouver this week, stayed at a nice hotel in Lonsdale Key, and visited the top seafood restaurants in vancouver (and clients).

Vancouverites, along with everyone else are not stopping social functions. It's simply a matter of no large gatherings (ie, 100+) and being conscious of being careful who you meet with.

If anyone wants a referral to the best god damn seafood restaurant in this country... let me know! Seriously could die tomorrow had the best meal of my life this week.

jazzsax1 replied 1 month ago   #4

Thank you though for finally admitting that September Letters do indeed exist as per your own words. You have no clue where my staff members are or what we do. People can clearly see that you will do your best to prevent people from saving money but not needing a waiver. Kinda shameful when people have less funding now because of Covid. Guess you need to buy diapers. Again have a nice day :)

KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #3

@John all I will say is to just please keep making false statements abou us. You have no clue how much you are helping us and I will leave it at this. This is all I will say and have a nice day.:)

KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #2


Currently we are only doing them for BC residents that come referred to us by trusted sources or that I personally bump into at social functions in Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, and Abbotsford.

Kind of ridiculous when you have post after post on this board trolling for business. Also, what "social functions" are you attending, since you don't live in Canada anymore, and if you did, you would be aware that Covid-19 is preventing any "social functions" from happening. Must be on your fake yacht.

You have no "pending libel lawsuits". You sound ridiculous. Just give honest and accurate information, and you won't have to be "corrected".

September Letters do exist. Ken Scott does not improve your chances of getting one.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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