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J Rogersposted 1 week ago

When people come for fingerprints, but are doing a pardon or waiver with another company, I always tell them to have the fingerprints shipped to their home, and just provide the copy to the company they are working with. I explain that if the relationship goes bad, you still have the originals. If it goes well, then you simply give the original at the end. They only need a copy to do the "work".

So yesterday (Friday);

- A woman calls me very upset. She has paid $550 to Scotia Pardons and did the fingerprints in June at my office (Scotia is NOT accredited). They are now CLAIMING that because she didn't send the original in, "everything has expired" and now she has to re-pay and start over. Worse, if she does not pay, they will send her to a collection agency. She says "Emily Green " called her from 289-910-0306. I told her I would help her out. I call Emily who of course doesn't pick up, and I explain that she needs to rectify this situation. I also explain that if I find out she is ripping this poor woman off, I will call every fingerprinting location in the greater GTA and make sure they WARN everyone not to use Scotia.
I get a call back from a guy who I have seen on their Facebook adds. He claims to just be the owner and that it is all a misunderstanding and he will help the lady out. I am not convinced but I just want to help the lady, so I leave it at that. He calls her and says it was a mistake, and that everything is fine. The lady is happy.

-Same day a Pardon client of MINE calls. He says Emily Green called him and said "you need to pay for your pardon or we will close your file and maybe send you to a collection agency". He isn't using them, he is almost done a pardon with us. He MIGHT have called them long ago to inquire, but never used them.

This is a HUGE red warning flag. To me this indicates a couple of things, especially since they have been running adds on Facebook under a COMPLETELY different name, and also, they had a BC location (they were seperate companies but used the same name to make themselves look "bigger") which is now closed.
-they are either desperate for funds and trying some very dramatic tactics to get money
-they are about to close down, grabbing as much cash as they can get, and will disappear.

Maybe they are just being clumsy, but this seems more desperate that that. Also this guy was too smooth to be that reckless with clients.

Anyways here is the message. BE CAREFUL. Covid will close a LOT of companies down. If they do not do fingerprints, its unlikely they will survive. Not impossible, but it will be very hard.

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@Ken, this is just you crying about me. Keep it in the little box I created for you. This is a topic about companies that aren't being ethical. Stop hijacking.

J Rogers replied 1 day ago   #12

Dear forum members:

The forum has now degraded due to the presence of trolls. It was initially designed to share helpful information between consenting members. Unfortunately, this has been an extremely difficult thing to facilitate due to trolls, and it seems that a certain individual here is desperate to make quick sales. This individual/ “waiver provider” has already been proven to be deceptive, racist, wears oversized clothing, unqualified to do these cases and willing to pick fights with anyone here. He is also desperate to know my actual personal location and does not understand the concept of a global economy and multiple corporate locations. 👺

This individual got married to a woman (Jennifer Martel) in 2014 that owns a fingerprinting business. She has owned the business since 2005 or so to present. She is accredited by the RCMP to do fingerprinting. Her family members are considered to be “deemed accredited” based on being under her umbrella. She can revoke this accreditation herself at any given time.

Hence, this individual’s “accreditation” is solely based on being under her umbrella. He himself is not directly accredited individually without her name/umbrella. Hence, she can contact the security officer and immediately order his status to be terminated. He cannot legally do this to her due to his inferior status level under the accreditation chain. He has been deceptive about this topic (and in general) since 2017 and has created Grade 3 safe space rooms on this forum. He is not serious about this work and refused to assist me in the room called “US Entry Waiver Denied.” 🤔

I possess superior critical thinking skills, analytical adroitness, and use detailed logic and deductive reasoning. I believe that this was developed when I played Chess at 5 years old. This also includes but is not limited to constructing 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles during the young and developmental years of my childhood. I also attended private school in my childhood years, and the military services in my early teens and 20’s. 🧐

Anyway, I have constantly documented my border crossing issue points with the appropriate links and attachments to the relevant and proper laws, regulations, and statutes. This individual has never done such due to an inability to grasp the basic foundations of law. He also has many major insecurities that could explain his questionable behaviour. He also displays extremely jealousy to professionals such as lawyers. I speculate that this is due to his inability to attain such an honoured title. 🧐

Also note that accreditation means nothing if the personnel do not possess the proper knowledge, skills, or ability to perform these services skillfully and professionally. It has already been unquestionably proven that SORNA charts are used by CBP to adjudicate sex assault waiver cases. However, this individual has admitted himself that he chooses to disregard them. This same individual has also told people on here to lie/issue false statements to CBP at a port of entry. This is a violation under the U.S. Immigration Nationality Act, 18 USC 1001 and more. You can foolishly subject yourself to federal prosecution if you choose to follow this individual’s instructions. 😲

I will not bash this individual since I understand that everyone has to eat. My administrator does feel sympathy for him though. We get many calls from forum members that genuinely need help. Anyone that has spoken to me on the phone here knows that I am a very chill individual and will often provide free information. They also know that I do not expect any financial compensation.

Obviously, we will quote the person a rate if they wish to retain our services. However, everyone is aware that we exert 0% pressure on the people that contact us. It seems that the Ontario Discount waiver companies will do anything to make a sale here on this platform. We have repeatedly said that are not looking for, and nor expect any business from this platform.

One of the main reasons is because our rates are on the higher end of the scale and possibly unaffordable to some people. We completely understand this situation. Hence our main goal on here is to build awareness to the many issues facing waiver clients.

Another reason is that we often run into people that have been ripped off by these $699 companies. Often their cases have been poorly prepared and require major work undoing the damage caused by them. Unfortunately, this sometimes can be financially stressful for the person. The bottom line here is that you should choose wisely whom you retain to prepare your case. Remember that some cases will qualify for a September Letter aka lifetime clearance.

We have 3 locations in B.C., 1 in Tallinn, Estonia, 1 in London, England and an empty one in Washington State. WE do have a corporate box to receive such post from the locations. However, the clients that have attended our locations are more than aware of their existence. We have chosen to not disclose our locations to the aforementioned individual due to his erratic behaviour.

Anyway, I may indeed be guilty of arrogance and pompousness. However, this goes with the territory when you have to deal with Harvard & Yale trained criminal and immigration lawyers. These Los Angeles based professionals will chew you up if they sense any degree of weakness. It is also my personality in general.

In closing, I will say that people here have the free will to choose whomever that they desire to prepare their cases. This is not a self endorsement. However, do your due diligence before you use any waiver provider, and this includes pertaining to us. I will continue trying to provide you with relevant content. Note that the aforementioned individual will continue to troll and will provide little to no valuable information. You have already seen me in our YouTube videos.

AS a courtesy, I have posted an image of the aforementioned trolling individual, so you can make your own judgment. 😲

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 1 day ago   #11


Well you constantly claim your going to "snitch" on someone, so please go ahead.

The sad fact is you clearly have nothing to do. No clients. Everyone on here knows alllllll about you. Your welcome.

But you are the author of your own troubles.

-Cherry pick waivers...backfired
-Try and embellish what you can do....called out...backfired
-Even when you try and delve into Pardons, you go from "I am doing pardons now" to "I am going to make a video and everyone will magically do their own pardons and then the industry will be crushed....embarrassed
-credit repair...$39...kinda sad

Why not start fresh? Commit to being honest and transparent. I will absolutely support your efforts.

J Rogers replied 2 days ago   #10

@ John now you are stealing my Hey Slick, you only have 200 cases for a 12 month period sport?? 🤣 Man that sucks for you since we usually get 100 or more complex cases on a monthly basis Sport. Also, we get real cases Sport, and do not live in a dream world.

[ K SCOTT appended this reply on February 24, 2021 @ 12:04 pm ]

Don't worry Sport...Let us know if you need financial counselling. Hmm you have teenage kidsworking...Wonder if that complies with the Canadian labour laws?? Maybe I will print a copy of this and refer it to the relevant authorities Sport.

K SCOTT replied 2 days ago   #9


They can google "Parole Board of Canada".

I am swamped with fingerprint appointments and have almost 200 clients ready to finish waivers when the border opens. I actually have my teenage kids filling in printing invoices on days where we are super busy.

Guess it is time for you to toss in the towel eh?

Business isn't "good". Its ridiculous. I am glad the border is NOT open yet. I want this fingerprinting to die down a bit first.

You haven't mentioned "credit repair" in a while. I hope everything is ok?

J Rogers replied 3 days ago   #8

Yeah Sport you are definitely out of touch with reality. People are suffering financially under Covid and relish the fact that hey can do their NEEDED pardon for free. Guess it is time for you to toss in the towel eh? Again, pardons are ONLY NEEDED if it is necessary to gain employment or for team sport coaching. 😏 Didn't you have people in your era selling snake oil when you were 22 in 1868?

People, you can do your own pardons unless you have a complex case. Then seek out a REPUTABLE and KNOWLEDGEABLE service provider to sort it out for you. Be wary if you deal with these Ontario waiver providers though. Hell, ever J.R. himself has admitted that the parole board has their own pardon video.

So about posting the link here for the pardon video from the parole board...You brought it up and now you gotta own up to it. If not, then people will see that you are only in it for the money. So hurry up and post it now. Find it before I do so you can take the credit for posting it Sport. 😏

K SCOTT replied 3 days ago   #7


The Parole Board already has a video. Much more professional and concise than yours. Know why most people don't care? They don't want to do the work.

But keep making videos, please. I know you are suffering greatly and need to keep busy. I would suggest a girlfriend/boyfriend, someone to bounce ideas off of, could help.

J Rogers replied 3 days ago   #6

@ John, I understand that you do not have a corporate mailbox to receive your business mail. Hence, using your home address does not count as a corporate mailbox in this case. You would not understand the concept that it is easier for the mail to come to one location as opposed to multiple locations.

Remember, I have already informed you that we have many locations and affiliates, and it is easier for the mail to come to one location. Check out our videos sport since we have made videos in most of the locations already. We do not have one for the Washington State location yet though.

Anyway, I have a simple solution to this problem. I will just post videos here so people can do their own pardons and save some money. Then you really do not have to warn anyone Sport, since the Scotia Pardons issue will become a moot point. I will also post one on how people can do their own purge and save even more money.

Sport, I think your fellow DWC neighbours are gonna get really pissed at you since you are the one that keeps inspiring us to post this info to help people save money on Pardons and purges now. So yeah, Sport the problem is solved. I constantly help people try to say money by providing free and helpful info...Sport. What do you do besides pass flatulence? 😆

Btw this is how MEN resolve their own problems and do not need to hide behind their mummy(wife) and ask her for protection/money...Sport. 😏

Oh, and btw Sport…nice college try when you tried to send your Portuguese female friend to our London UK location 2months ago. I immediately knew that it was you, it did not work, and Mr. Ben Archer discussed it with me. She made mistakes that I will not cover here. I was a bit surprised since I thought that you only had 1 friend(yourself) Guess you have 2 now…Sport. 😆

Oh and 1 more thing Sport…. Can you give me the full name of the company/individual that stated came after us in BC? I want to do a YouTube video showing the forum members the search that we did on your lie and prove the fact that it is bogus.

John did you just slander us on a public forum by falsely stating that a BC company came after us? Please say yes to this John or please state for the record that the BC company has done this. I actually need for you to officially state this in writing here.

Again, I need the full name since I want you to get the full credit for your stupidity. Although it could be your hearing aid needs new batteries.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

[ K SCOTT appended this reply on February 23, 2021 @ 4:02 pm ]

So yeah sport...we do have a corporate mailbox to receive the mail from the other locations. Guess ya gotta get a new tagline Sport. 😘

K SCOTT replied 3 days ago   #5

@Ken. This post is to warn others about Scotia Pardons OR other companies. If your not willing to name the company, then your making the incident up, clearly.

We have established that you have a MAILBOX in BC. Not a single office. Please commit to being honest. No one is calling you for a waiver. If anyone sends you money to the UK, they are making a big mistake. Period.

J Rogers replied 3 days ago   #4

@John Are you living in fantasy land again, or is your hearing aid must be acting up again as usual? Why would your old boss care about me since you were the one that got it has been established that you previously worked for a Discount Waiver Company. I do not have to elaborate further since everyone on here already knows what they do for people.

Anyway sport, just let me know when you want to visit one of our BC locations. You should really stop with the jealousy though little man. I understand that Jennifer wears the pants and has you neutered at home. Hence you need to find something to lash out at.

I do have one problem that you do not though john. I am running into the problem that we are again getting too much border crossing case work/waiver cases and not enough time to process everything. Guess that is why people flock to us and pay for quality Sport. Maybe you can learn a lesson or 2 Sport. 😉

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Law Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 3 days ago   #3

@Ken I notice you never name anyone. Why? You were slapped down pretty good by AllClear I heard. Azoo can be pretty litigious. Is that why you fled BC?

Scotia Pardons was started in BC not Ontario.

J Rogers replied 5 days ago   #2

@John well you are essentially singing my song when you have just given a blatant example of what the Ontario Discount Waiver Companies do to people. I will not mention this business by name. However, I will say that a certain waiver company mentioned by you has done this to some of our clients before they came to us. I agree that Covid will and has already closed down a number of these fly-by-night businesses. I do have to disagree with you about the fingerprints though since some will survive that do not do fingerprints.

I want to say that your statement is also not accurate since some waiver clients will use law firms. Law firms will not shut down from Covid since they offer very diverse services. Fingerprinting is not necessarily the Holy Grail. Prints are fine but some of the fingerprint companies are surrounded by competitors. Jennifer's company is surrounded by 3 competitors or more.

You are also making my point when I say that a lot of people can do their own pardon if it is a simple case. Hence, they will not get ripped off by these businesses if they do not fall prey to their tactics. Again, you only need a pardon if it is for employment or sports coaching. People, do not fall for the pressure from these DWCs since they will push an unneeded pardon on you.

In closing, I have a question for you John, and it is based on your post. You have already acknowledged the existence of these crooked waiver companies. So, will you engage in a joint venture with me to help root out these locations and help ripped-off people try to get a partial refund? I said a year ago that this was a service that we were offering.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 6 days ago   #1

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