Reverse Waiver - USA Citizens coming to Canada with Criminal Record

Michelleposted 4 months ago

Hi All, I am wondering if anyone on here is familiar with the process that a USA Citizen has to do to enter Canada with a Criminal Record. Any experts on here? Thanks!

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@J Rogers and Waiverless, thanks for the information, I have never done one to be honest, and really never thought abut it..but have a client who has a relative from USA that has been denied..John, I am going to pass your contact info to him, as I have not done enough research to tackle this and I simply do not have time right at the moment...

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #3

the Canadian government doesn't recognize neither American pardons or expungement.

I am no expert in US citizens who cannot enter Canada but I have done some research to help the odd person, and I don't think the above statement is true. You do a TRP or a Rehabilitation, depending. I do get about a request per month about these applications, but unlike the waiver, there are a lot of possible ways to avoid doing them, including the passage of time.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #2


I know for a fact thst Canada considers DUIs, mischief and assault quite seriously contrary to our American counterparts. Truthfully being charged with any crime that carries probation, fines and obviously jail time will render any American inadmissible. Off course, CBSA doesn't care about traffic violations if they are fully paid or resolved.

Anyways staying on point, misdemeanors are equivalent to summary charges in Canada, felonies are known as indictable offences. Most Americans with misdemeanors on their record must obtain a TRP (temporary permission to enter). Sometimes, this is issued at the border if the inadmissible person is honest about their previous convictions. As you might suspect, the Canadian government doesn't recognize neither American pardons or expungement.

After 10 years in most cases, Americans with minor misdemeanors can apply for permanent permission to enter Canada. Similar to a pardon in many ways, officials will decide wether the individual is deemed rehabilitated. In particular cases, CBSA can consider someone to be rehabilitated if the crime was minor and 10 years have passed after completion of the sentence..Multiple felonies likely carry a lifetime ban.

I am no expert on this matter and I am assuming neither are you. Keep up the great work.

Waiverless replied 4 months ago   #1

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