Retroactive changes to criminal pardons violate charter rights, B.C. judge rules

Eveposted 2 years ago

This could be great news for those of us that completed sentences when they raised the waiting period from 5-10 years!

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Thank you for sharing your story. That took a lot of courage. Transitioning to another gender is not easy and requires a lot of funds and patience. You are truly an inspiration. I hope you have found happiness being your true self.

May I ask? What therapeutic approach did you try to elimanate those sexual urges around children? Your story may help others who have the same impulses. You can truly be an inspiration for those people as well.

Nathalie replied 3 months ago   #80

The following posts: #77, #82, #83 & #85 bare the name Adelaide including all those deleted posts. We don't know who to believe anymore.

I can conclude tonight that you are a child molester, suffer from bipolar disorder, you did a lot of time, you are trans and an arrogant individual. I think you forgot to take your meds. Who is this Hats? Why do you have an obsession with hats and boots? Is this a cry for help?

Please do us a favor and post something relevant about your waiver quest.

Chris M replied 3 months ago   #79

HERE IS A SCREENSHOT/COPY of what Hats posted at #82. He may delete post #82 but here it is for posterity.

Quite evidently he was on here AGAIN and wrote something at #84 and then proceeded to delete it.

You will notice that Hats will be UNABLE to delete posts #83 and #85 because he's on here playing puerile games with what used to be a legitimate site before his clown ass showed up. Notice the elementary and basic usage of the English language in post #82 (copied below) and his comical attempt to approximate Adelaide's phraseology/use of language.
At any rate...
Anyway here's what Hats wrote/posted at #82 should he take it upon himself to delete it as he did posts #78 through to #81 and ADDITIONALLY post #84.


Well the truth finally comes out.
I am in a similar situation Hats. Nobody would want their kids, wives and girlfriends to know about it.
I also require a waiver for sex crimes involving minors. I had to do some time down south for my disgusting actions. I know that the current administration doesn't like sex offenders. So your chances at a waiver are slim to none.
I would also like to add that I am on the sex offender's list for life in both countries. I have accumulated a total of 10+ years behind bars. I have several other pending cases.
During my incarceration, I realized that I wasn't my true self and a lot of my sexual frustration was the result of my gender dysphoria.
Fortunately, I was allowed to return to Canada and serve my remaining sentences. I was also able to complete my transition while serving time. I can truly say that I feel liberated to be able to have the right body parts.
However, I am starting to suspect you are not the real Hats. The hebetudinous muppet has deleted several of his posts once again using the alias Adelaide."

Adelaide replied 3 months ago   #78

Well it seems it incredibly out of the ordinary that Adelaide would erase so many posts consecutively since Adelaide doesn't have a history of doing this. Adelaide is far too thoughtful and intelligent to screw up that many posts and hence feel the need to delete. Adelaide's facility with the language goes far beyond simple and elementary sentence structure... That would be the provenance of Hats... replete with a brobdingnagian dearth of intelligence and paucity of nous. Let us just say that Hats doesn't possess the perspicacity to truly joust in the intellectual arena here with Adelaide.

It appears that the "fake Adelaide" (that Numpty) has gone to great lengths to approximate the specific phraseology and usage of the English language (yes it is a proper noun and hence capitalized). Hats... doesn't have the facility with the language to properly approximate this with the requisite discernment of nuance.

Hats... struggles with basic English language usage. Perhaps he's a disturbed individual with possibly a meth problem (not to mention a seeming proclivity for underage boys).

We all have our peccadilloes one could surmise just not the criminal ones that Hats seems to engage in.

At any rate posts 78 thru to 81 have been deleted and possibly the "fake Adelaide" will delete post #82.

One just has to ask themselves why post #83 won't be deleted.

Is it because the "fake Adelaide" is incapable of doing so???

The intelligent among us have already figured out that Hats is the clown on here with far too much time on his hands and would best utilize that time to brush up on his English language skills (ESL class perhaps as let us hope that English is not his FIRST language).


And may we all give Hats a collective "Bless his heart".

Now clown try to delete this post and good luck with your sexual predator case.

Adelaide replied 3 months ago   #77

What are my hopes of getting a waiver for a sex offense?

I got into a little situation with a minor - young boy actually but am not sure if I was put on the sex offender list. Right now my girlfriend doesn't know about this but I thinks she suspects somethings is wrong. The courts said something about a probationary period or conditional sentence. I'm not sure what that means. Kinda scared and embbarrassed about it all.

Does anyone here know or have experience with this.

HatsBootHatsBoots replied 3 months ago   #76

Cannabis Pardons are finally here.

For the free guide.

Main differences between THIS application and a regular pardon?

-Court documents are NOT always needed for the cannabis pardon
-you do not have to show you paid a fine or victim surcharge (but you must show restitution if owed)
-no 'measurable benefits'
-no $631 fee.

You still need
-court documents (if applicable)
-local police check

This is for ONLY possession of cannabis. If there is other convictions PLUS this, you must still get a pardon for the whole record.

John Rogers replied 5 months ago   #75

@Michelle, feel free to name them. Its the best way for people to become aware.

John Rogers replied 6 months ago   #74

@John Rogers, I have a case right now, where the client has been "scammed" terrible, several thousand dollars, and for nothing..for both a Pardon and a Waiver by said company. She is not even eligible for a Pardon until 2023 and they sold her on a waiver, which she does not need..but has already paid so much money towards it. I am helping her just sort through the mess and she wants to continue with waiver, so I am doing paperwork, even though I have told her many times she doesn't need it. I hate to send people to the border with an application when they don't need a waiver, as the Custom Officers do not like this practice and give the people a hard time. I sure hope this new electronic system will get rid of these scam companies... Oh and now said company keeps phoning pressuring her to give more money. I told her to stop answering the phone or change her number...

Michelle replied 6 months ago   #73

@Michelle its incredible that when I direct clients to call the owner of Pardons Canada (Andrew) and demand the DO THE WORK and they literally refuse. Its incredible they can get away with this poor service. The sad part is this is why they do nothing until they get all their money upfront, then the client is "stuck". Awful. And don't forget in Ontario, court documents are not expensive at all, sometimes as little as $3.50.

John Rogers replied 6 months ago   #72

@71...John, crazy...Federal Pardons is not much better...I really wonder how the 2 mentioned companies are going to handle these new I-192 forms...they are terrible forms to deal with..not to mention the new E-safe filing process...will be interesting..

Michelle replied 6 months ago   #71

Lately I have been getting a few clients who are paying me to do the "measurable benefits" portion of the pardon. They are all clients of Pardons Canada on St.Clair in Toronto.

These people are paying Pardons Canada to "do the pardon" for them. But in reality:

-They have to go somewhere else to get fingerprints (and pay for them)
-Pardons Canada is getting the court documents
-The client is being told to do their own police checks (Pardons Canada is not even filling out the forms completely)
-The client is being told to write their own measurable benefits

In essence, they are simply getting court documents and sending the pardon to the parole board. This is not a 'service', this is a "pardon fantasy camp" where you get to pay to do your own pardon. And they charge about $1500 for the privilege. Ridiculous.

John Rogers replied 6 months ago   #70

Hi All, Please see the most recent update regarding Cannabis Record Suspensions (Bill C-93).

Michelle replied 6 months ago   #69

@Michelle no updates, but I very much doubt the bill in the Senate has any chance of being passed.

I have told clients if nothing by the end of June then we will have nothing before the next election. The last chance to pass anything will be probably when they also pass the marijuana legislation.

John Rogers replied 7 months ago   #68


No new updates to make regarding pardons, record suspensions. I'm pretty sure the Liberals will make it an election topic while the NDP will go further and ask for expungement in some cases. The Conservatives will probably recommend to toughen up the laws or maintain the status quo. I see the right winning in a few months with a minority, so I think it will take many more years before we see changes. There is a bill in the Senate currently under review sponsored by an independent senator. Chances look slim that it passes. The radical right is gaining momentum everywhere in the West, so we will see many retrograde changes happening. We are going backwards not forward.

HatsBootsHatsBoots replied 7 months ago   #67

@John Rogers - any more news regarding Record Suspensions or Bill C-93? I have been looking, but can't see anything yet. Thanks!

Michelle replied 7 months ago   #66

It would be nice if we could actually create new threads here instead of having to post in other threads.

But John, sorry if you think that unions are all squeaky clean... they're not. Bad is bad, whether it comes from the left or right. The left just likes to believe because it appears they are doing "more good" that their bad is better.

it's right or wrong is it not? No middle ground, just like with the courts. You're guilty or you're not (whether you really are doesn't matter in the end).

jazzsax1 replied 8 months ago   #65


I love a lively debate, politics or otherwise. I really do not mean to offend anyone. I will say that my politics are shaped by what I feel is best for my clients. I get quite passionate because its impossible to do this job and not feel empathy for the people your trying to help. For MY clients, ideally an NDP government would be the most advantageous. Realistically, only Liberals and Conservatives get elected Federally, so I advocate for Liberal Governments. I fully expect people to vote for the party that best represents THEIR interests. For those that 'politics' is a pain in the as to read about, I do apologize. I think its relevant and I try to keep it out of other threads.

John Rogers replied 8 months ago   #64


You mention Unions and corporations like they are the same. This is conservative-speak.

Unions - elected by members. Funded by members. 1 person 1 vote. Total democracy. Person at the top is ELECTED and yes in some cases can make a lot of money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars sometimes. A real entity made up of REAL people, most of them making a living wage.

Corporations - fake entity that was created so as to not pay their share of taxes, and when the corporation kills someone, to limit liability. The "board members" are generally appointed, and are simply insiders who make obscene amounts of money to go to ....meetings. They make not a single widget. And the CEO? His pay is usually thousands times more than the worker employed. No democracy, you BUY shares, so its controlled by the wealthy.

You cannot claim these are "similar". One would make policy based on whats best for their collective members. For example, teachers. Smaller classes, more pay, less hours might be policies.

Corporations? "Lets hire more lawyers to cover up that the stuff we dumped in that river killed 10 kids with cancer." "Lets ship our work to china so we can pay workers nothing, have no labor laws in place and we can squeeze more profit.

And don't compare union corruption(mob ties) with Corporate corruption. A Corporation sees dead people as a cost of doing business. That is it.

The Conservative 'strategy' is always to pretend "unions" and "corporations" are the same, but they are absolutely not. If you got rid of every corporation, the world would easily function. Business owners would simply be responsible for their products. No hiding. More taxes paid. But profit would still be gained.

If Unions were eradicated, working conditions would deteriorate pretty quickly. Wages would go down. Actual PEOPLE would be hurt. Families. Corporations are NOT real.

The left thinks real people should control things. The right thinks corporations should.

John Rogers replied 8 months ago   #63

BTW, I love that this site doesn't censor! LOL

jazzsax1 replied 8 months ago   #62

The left as we know it (the NDP) represents corporations. Have you ever dug deep into unions? They are just like the right, padding their pockets for their own good and pretending they are helping their members. I've been on both sides of that equation, including working *in* the office of one of the big large unions, and what I saw shocked me. Unions are just another corporation feeding the pockets of their management.

The NDP did mess up business. They made the investment climate here BAD... I agree with you that royalties were too low, but the NDP essentially made the prospect of actual investment of dollars into AB a stupid idea. You don't get investment money flowing in to help CHANGE oil and go green unless you make the investment climate make sense for that money to flow in. They single handedly sent invesment money packing. Increased corporate taxes, increased minimum wage, and did a whole pile of other bullshit.

If you want to talk about terrorism, why is the media afraid of saying "Muslim terrorists blow up 8 Christian churches" in Sri Lanka? Oh no... it's "Easter worshippers", yes because we worship easter. Again, more bullshit from the left. Doesn't suit their narrative so they cover it up.

What the left hates is the right is blunt and to the point. Life is not all sunny wise and people need to realize that. Like come on... "Fishermen, oops, I mean fisherfolk!" When does it stop?

Treat people kindly. Work hard. Stop making everyone politically correct and wearing little boy panties and maybe we won't be in as much of a mess as we are now, being divided over stupid crap.

jazzsax1 replied 8 months ago   #61

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