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Des91posted 9 months ago

Hi guys, I submitted my esafe application in September and heard back 3 weeks later that they request more information regarding a particular criminal charge. I sent in those documents the same day, October 13th and I haven’t heard back since. Anyone know approx how long it takes to hear back after a request for more information? Is there a chance I could be denied?

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@Des91 absolutely. I had 2 that went more that 60 days.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #3

I figured… have you ever had a case where the request for additional documents response on their end took longer than 3 weeks

Des91 replied 9 months ago   #2

@Des91 if you complied with the request for more documents, you can still be denied. The longer it takes, the better the chance they are considering denying you, but, not everyone is denied just because it takes longer.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #1

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