Renewing I-194

Anthonyposted 1 month ago

I have sifted through some of the threads on this forum and have kind of gotten overwhelmed... I am sure this has more or less been answered before but I haven't found real specifics so I am sorry if this is a repost type situation..

My waiver expires in Sept 2021. I have previously been approved for a 5 year waiver.

I would like to reapply (likely I should have started sooner) and am not sure exactly what I have to include in the application since I have already been approved.

Do I have to basically include everything that I included in the first approval process? I currently have the following as a list of what I need:

form i-192 (fill out and print i-192.pdf)
evidence of citizenship (photo copied passport)
official police record from RCMP (acquire from local police office)
written statement, signed at bottom, detail crimes and conviction
official court record (request from courts)
copy of previously issued i-194

I cannot easily acquire a court record because I was told this:

Unfortunately your file is sealed and there for no access is allowed;

No access to a sealed court record or a sealed document within the court record unless the court makes an order allowing access. Additional order allowing registry to make copies required.

If you need this for something you will have to do an application to a judge for it.

Do I need to include this court record AGAIN since DHS has a copy of it anyways? Are there any other things I need to be aware of due to COVID?

Thank you very much for any assistance anyone offers, I appreciate it!

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@BacktoUSA..yes..the list shows 30..but very important to call ahead..for example..Portal here is only taking paperwork still for essential workers only..I am going to try esafe next week for a client and will update..tks

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #4
BackToUSA replied 1 month ago   #3


Short answer is "yes".

Where are you? Only Ontario and BC have ports taking eSAFE waivers right now. You cannot give them paper applications.

Do the application through eSAFE. You will have it very fast.

-Just google fingerprinting to find the closest place, do not go to the RCMP
-A letter from the courts saying "we cannot obtain documents" is fine
-Photocopies of court docs are fine (in most cases I don't even submit court documents)
-Make sure your personal letter shows RESPONSIBILITY and CONTRITION
-In Ontario you only need 2 letters of Reference.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #2

2 or 3 character reference letters
Maybe your confirmed job letter
Get the letter from the court that record not available on court letterhead
Any supporting documents that tie you to the USA like a child, spouse or other family or job.

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