Reapplying For US Waiver

Daveposted 7 years ago

On the website it states that to reapply for a waiver you will need to repeat all steps that you took with the first application, including obtaining a copy of fingerprints from the RCMP (although if your most recent set will be less than 15 months old when you re-file the form I-192 , you may use that set.)
My question is: I am in the process of reapplying ,(since my first waiver is good for one year and will expire in 6 months) and my prints are less than 15 months old but I sent the originals with my first application. How can I use that set if the ARO has them ?
It is a little confusing.

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If you want to re apply for your waiver start process before 6 months.

Roni replied 7 years ago   #5

I sent my in with a copy... lets see what happens... worst they can say to provide new. Will update as progress happens.

pfgf replied 7 years ago   #4

I just received my first waiver good for one year. In 6 months when I re-apply what else do I need other then fingerprints again? Do I need all my court records and everything else?

Jeff replied 7 years ago   #3

Still not sure if in fact you need to reapply for new prints if it's within 15 months

Dave replied 7 years ago   #2

same problem and i ended up getting a new set from rcmp. just a money grab as always :/

freddy replied 7 years ago   #1

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