Malikposted 1 year ago

Hi there I just received email from ARO to submit more information which is national repository criminal check under private act.I found its RCMP different fingerprinting anyone knows how long it will take after fingerprinting from RCMP thanks.

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@J Rogers yes I noticed it’s taking longer than I was told when I had them done. I guess they were going by the pattern at that time as it relates to the timeline. I’m in Richmond Hill- we spoke prior. Hopefully I’ll receive them soon.

Marsha replied 1 year ago   #9


We are accredited to do fingerprints, so we get them in for pardons, waivers, PR's, citizenship, etc.

I can tell you that right now most of them are taking over a month. There was a massive rush on fingerprints in July and beginning of August, and the RCMP I am sure takes vacations in the summer.

Remember, you get fingerprinted, but everyone in Canada being fingerprinted is in the same line-up, even if they are not doing a waiver. Men are slower than women. The other factors are:
-a "hit" takes longer to process than "no hit" (meaning someone with a criminal record is slower than someone without one)
-The RCMP send the fingerprints that are completed to their mailroom, where they are folded, put in an envelope and mailed. If people are on vacation, I am sure that is slower too
-The post office delivers these via REGULAR mail. It is slower in the summer. Why? Sorting station, mailmen, etc, all take vacations in the summer. Especially now because of covid.
-Your distance from Ottawa matters. We are in Brampton, so close, and we are over a month. So the further away you are, the slower it is.

The Commisionaires are a company that does fingerprints. They have affiliates. There are three big ones, Commisionaires, Morpho and Clearneed. Truthfully, it is all the same machine, slightly different prices. We are an affiliate of ClearNeed which is headquartered in Hamilton. The locations are all independently owned anyways, so it doesn't matter where the fingerprints are taken.

I am here catching up on Sunday, so thought I would chime in.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #8

@Marsha The RCMP checks are all done out of Ottawa from what I recall. It is stressful. I'm 60 years old and my girlfriend is 50. I feel like I don't have days that I can waste not being with her. Every minute is so precious with her. I'm hoping her waiver comes by next Friday. It should come any day now, I hope.

JohnB2 replied 1 year ago   #7

@JohnB2 thanks! And yes, I really hope it comes next week so I can start the process. In 2019 when I first inquired about the process, a few agencies told me waivers took 18 to 24 months to process and RCMP checks were up to 6 months.. The anxiety 😦 😦😦😦

Marsha replied 1 year ago   #6

@Marsha My GF it took about 2 weeks. We've seen the waivers go from 3 weeks to over 3 months. So maybe the RCMP is backed up, too. I'm guessing you'll get it within a week. At least I'll cross my fingers for you!

JohnB2 replied 1 year ago   #5

@JohnB2 @malik I’m on week 3 waiting for the RCMP check to come back. I check the mail every day and nothing. Lol. I thought it would come back in two weeks like they told me when I applied. I’ve read that many people have had it back in the two weeks window even with a conviction. So Malik I suggest you get on it right away.

Marsha replied 1 year ago   #4

@Malik Are you in Canada? Sorry, I should have asked that first. If you're in Canada you can go to the commissionaires


JohnB2 replied 1 year ago   #3

Thanks John who are the commissioners thanks.

Malik replied 1 year ago   #2

@Malik You can go to the commissionaires for the fingerprinting. It will take a couple weeks for you to get the criminal check back from the RCMP. After that, don't know how long it might take to hear on the waiver. Go look at some of J Rogers posts where he posts timelines and look for the ones where more info was requested. That should give you an idea.

JohnB2 replied 1 year ago   #1

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