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Michelleposted 5 months ago

Just letting everyone know that RCMP Results with a criminal record are taking at least 3 weeks now to arrive. This trend has been slowly increasing the past 4 weeks in Saskatchewan.

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There should not be much of a difference.

I have never noticed a difference. If you have a pardon or "no record" it is generally faster than when a record returns.

Right now the fingerprints are still slower because of all the PR applications, but it does seem the RCMP is doing them separately. PR prints are taking well over a month, but other fingerprints are closer to 3 weeks.

Remember, I am in Ontario, so Ottawa to Brampton is much faster than Ottawa to Manitoba, or Alberta for example.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #15

Is there a difference when pulling prints between pulling for the visa / travel waiver vs pulling for a pardon?

jazzsax1 replied 2 weeks ago   #14

Fingerprints and fingerprint times.

They have put PR fingerprints in a separate category, so the Waiver fingerprints are not back to 2-3 weeks here in Brampton. We are fairly close to Ottawa, so these same fingerprints MAY take longer to get to Vancouver or Calgary, or even Regina.

Permanent Residence fingerprints on the other hand are taking 1.5 months at least right now.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #13

BLS International has been accredited by the RCMP to submit electronic fingerprints to CCRTIS in support of criminal record checks.

For more Info Click Here: https://www.blscrc.com
Book Appointment: https://www.blscrc.com/book-appointment.php
Office Address: Business Center Unit 109 C, 10 Gillingham Drive, Brampton, ON, L6X 5A5
Customer Support Number: +1 416 616-8613
Official Email Id: salescrc@blsinternational.net

blscrc replied 3 weeks ago   #12

As I said, Ken gets a friend to check his mailbox once a week, so has no idea how long fingerprints actually take. Please ignore his information on this topic.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #11

Well, obviously you do not seem to understand English. I have repeated stated that we are not doing prints yet and really do not have much of an interest. Hence, obviously we do not lay claim to the title of expert fingerprinting tech. Again, anyone can pretty much do prints since this is not really a major accomplishment. You really need to get a new joke besides the mailbox since people have been to our locations, and we have shot youtube videos at some of our offices. Perhaps you need new bifocals?

K SCOTT replied 4 months ago   #10

And this is an example of "never drink and post".

Ken. I am just pointing out that you could NOT be getting fingerprints in a week, Logistically, it would be hard because your mailbox is in Vancouver, and fingerprints are processed in Ottawa.

Please leave the fingerprint expertise to the people who do fingerprints. Lets provide ACCURATE information.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #9

@ John You still do not seem to understand that we do not give a flying flamingo about you and your prints. Yes, the prints have to be taken by someone. However, you keep taking the prints and we will keep expanding globally Slick. OOps sorry your boss/mummy is calling you? 😉

Maybe one day you can be a man and not hide behind the skirt of a female. 😉

Didn’t Snoop make a song about you? 😉


Lord Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 4 months ago   #8


The criminal record checks we get are 3 types.

1.Pardon and Waiver
2. Citizenship/Permanent Resident
3. Other

We get fingerprints results in EVERY DAY. We also get phone calls form people complaining their prints haven't arrived.

None are coming in in just a week. Michelle is right, 3 weeks is pretty normal, some in two weeks. Michelle is further away in Regina (we are Ottawa to Brampton so pretty close) I assume your "mail" is going to Vancouver/Surrey. How would you be getting fingerprints in a week?
This sounds improbable. Remember, we are trying to give people "helpful" advice.

When a client comes and see Michelle of me, and decides to do a pardon/waiver. They are fingerprinted immediately.

When a client sees you, they have do go somewhere else to get fingerprinted. Therefore you would be slower, logically.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #7

Either way, the prints are taking longer to come back for people that are showing convictions or charges. This is irrelevant as to whether you explained it or the RCMP released an official statement. Now, having said that, not EVERY single fingerprint check is taking this long. An example is that fingerprint checks that have no charges or convictions are still coming back in a week. At least this is the case for us anyway. So, in the future just ensure that you provide a complete and accurate explanation.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 4 months ago   #6

@Ken not "some reason".

I explained the reason.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #5

Yes, it does seem that they have been slower for some reason. This has somewhat been a hindrance since we received our massive uptick in border crossing cases. Hence, the reason why I do not have the time as much to be on here.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 4 months ago   #4

@John, okay, thanks! I agree, I think that RCMP is going to take longer and longer, and Canada Post is extra slow right now too

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #3

@Michelle, we have "died down" to about 25-30 fingerprints a day. This is still a HUGE change from 10-11 a day average before that. More "waves" are coming apparently.

The main message to WAIVER clients is this. Get your fingerprints NOW, because they "could" take months if this continues. I very much doubt any fingerprints are going to come in less than 30 days soon.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #2


I predict RCMP checks are creeping their way to 4 weeks and maybe longer. As stated earlier, the sheer amount of RCMP fingerprinting because of "Express Entry" invitations are going to bog the system down for sure. It has slowed down for now, but again look at these numbers even "slow".

Old average per day 10-12 sets (record 21 sets in one day)
Week of family day 70-75 sets a day
the Next week 60-65 sets a day
This week Monday was only 30 sets

We are just one location in Brampton, and I doubt we were unique.

This "bump" was simply due to 27 000 invitations. They are trying to send out 400 000 in total.

I would say that there is a possibility that fingerprints could take up to 3 months unless the RCMP takes steps to keep up with the increased demand.

Waiver clients who are "getting ready" to do waivers to be handed in April (we hope) or May, get your fingerprints done NOW.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #1

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