ginette eudesposted 6 months ago

anybody know the RCMP mailing address to get background check and is it still $ 25.00?Used to have it but can't find it

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@ginette eudes

If you did electronic fingerprinting with the local police, there should be no reason to send anything else to the RCMP. There are no actual "fingerprints" produced, although some companies print out a "copy" of a full sheet of fingerprints on an RCMP form C216C. You should not have to do anything else. What did they say when they fingerprinted you?

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #9

I'm in southwest Nova Scotia,Comeauville

ginette eudes replied 2 months ago   #8

@ginette eudes

I am confused by your post. It seems that you did ink fingerprints, and sent them in with $25. I am worried they might not be processed because that system was changed years ago. ALL fingerprints are digital now. We for example can make ink fingerprints scanned digitally because we have the scanner. I assume the RCMP can also, but I can only assume you live in a remote part of Canada to try and do it this way. The fingerprints will take twice as long.

I can offer better advice if you tell me where you live. City? Town? Region?

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #7

got electronic fingerprinting a few days ago.So mailing to rcmp-ccrt in ottawa with $25.00 will get me copy of criminal check to scan and upload on e safe??

ginette eudes replied 3 months ago   #6

@ginette eudes

I don't know where you live (city province) but you must make an appointment and the e-SAFE file must be sent to THAT Port of Entry.

I can give you specific information if you tell us where you live.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #5

When you get 45 days to go for bio, do you have to call for appointment?

ginette eudes replied 5 months ago   #4

@ginette eudes

Let simplify this. What city/town do you live in?

J Rogers replied 6 months ago   #3

very confused on e-safe about fingerprinting and background check,some light please

ginette eudes replied 6 months ago   #2

@ginette eudes
If you are in Canada, you MUST use electronic fingerprinting. You cannot send fingerprints and $25. If you have ink fingerprints, you must use a company that scans and converts them to digital. (like us)

our site for that is www.inkfingerprints.com

If you are doing a waiver, do not attempt shortcuts. Do the fingerprints at an accredited place that does it.

J Rogers replied 6 months ago   #1

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