Rant about Courts

J Rogersposted 1 year ago

We do a lot of pardons and waivers, and we send out a lot of court document requests. It can be a frustrating process.

A court in New Brunswick is making it difficult to get documents because of "privacy". Remember, I send them a copy of the RCMP check based on fingerprints with the request.
This is an example of a "system" designed to make pardons/waivers more difficult. Why? Because the perception is that "criminals" or the people that work with clients with a criminal record "have to do what we tell them" or "too bad".

When civil servants make rules that defy common sense, and create "privacy concerns" where not a single complaint has ever been raised, I smell a rat. An entitled, racist rat. "We have to protect the public from getting their records sealed without their knowledge" is probably not a real problem.

A court in Scarborough sent me an email saying "you need to send a larger envelope" if you want the documents you requested. I replied that I would be happy to come to their office with a News Crew and highlight the fact the provincial government is not properly funding them. Plus, the clerk would get to be on TV!!!

Police, courts, institutions we depend on to administer our information have to understand that they work for the PUBLIC. Taxes are paid to pay their salaries so they can help people. If someone's ex wife/husband is sniffing around asking for vague information, please be careful. If someone is trying to help someone make their life better, HELP them achieve this.

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