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Kevposted 1 year ago

Hi, I just got my biometric done today at the border after the law firm sent my files through e-safe. I just wonder about the processing time once HLS receives the file; I heard a much different timeline, and an agent at the border mention that they can come back between 2-4 weeks after and others mentioned 3-6 months. I have not got any conviction for over 20 years. I also been able to cross the border after being warned I needed a waiver. Would trying again could jeopardize my waiver?

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@J Rogers That's the timeframe my lawyer gave me; he mentions. Lately, it has been about 100-110 days, which may be longer due to the holiday season. Thank you for the response i try to get a better idea since my work plan 2 trip for me starting end of January 23, and for obvious reason, I won't be able to make it

Kev replied 1 year ago   #3

Timelines posted here are definitely over a hundred days for processing and if you were warned that you need a waiver, why would you try and cross! Since you submitted your application, I’d suggest you wait it out. If you were to get caught after being warned, you could end up getting barred from entering for years. Why jeopardize your chances and all the money you spent to apply for a waiver!

Marsha replied 1 year ago   #2


It not only would, but once you file a waiver, your basically reiterating "I understand the process, but rules don't apply to me". BIG mistake.

The guards at the border have no clue how long this takes. And any lawyer should be able to show you something like this:

5 year waiver

ARO Decision
Please review the documents
Status History (5)
12/15/2022, 05:00 PM EST : Status changed to Completed
8/26/2022, 10:30 AM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
8/18/2022, 02:56 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
8/18/2022, 02:54 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
8/2/2022, 10:01 AM EDT : Application Created

This shows an EXACT timeline. This person went to the border on August 26 2022. The exact time it took is 109 days. Exactly. This is the most recent waiver I have granted and I update it daily on this site on "Waiver timelines". Ask them how long it took their last client. If you get a vague "around 120 days" then guess what? They rarely do waivers.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #1

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