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Jaredposted 9 months ago

I have a charge in Canada from like 2007 for growing marijuana, I tried to cross and they said I'm not allowed to enter and need a waiver. I've spoke to multiple attorneys that have said whatever waiver I get only is good for 1 entry and need to know the exact travel dates prior to applying. My mom is sick in the US and I have had so many mixed answers. Once you get this waiver is it good for a certain timeframe? Multiple entries? What dates do you put if you don't have any trip booked yet? Please help

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J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #6

@J Rogers How can I get in touch with you?

Britt replied 4 months ago   #5


This sounds recent. Are you in Ontario? If so, I would be happy to look at your interview with Homeland Security and give you my opinion.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #4

@J Rogers

I didn't want to start a seperate thread about this - but what do you think of the chances for someone in my situation - I got denied entry and a 5 year ban as I spent 11 months in US each year for the last 2 years. I never overstayed for over 6 months at a time, but just left US for a week to a month every 3-5 months and came back again. Zero criminal record. No illegal employment (they searched my phone at airport). Looking for a waiver lawyer - thanks!

Britt replied 4 months ago   #3


You have been misinformed, but lawyers are great for certain things, like defending you in court, just not great for waiver advice.

Don't waste time with YouTube videos etc. You do need a waiver, and 2007 means if done correctly, you have a great chance at a 5 year waiver.

If you look at my prior posts, you will see I am getting waiver VERY quickly, and have been since May 2021, despite the border being closed. I file everything electronically online. I am not sure where you are located, but if you are in Ontario, you will be going to Niagara Falls to get your biometrics done.

We are accredited by the RCMP, so we even do our own fingerprints, right here in the office. Our fee for a waiver is $650 (which includes the fingerprints and taxes) and the $585USD is separate.

Based on what you have said so far, I can get you a waiver before Christmas.

We are located in Brampton at 96 Kennedy Road South and we are open most Saturdays, and every Monday to Friday 9-5. You can easily get an appointment the same day.

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I have spoken to your relative earlier today and have given her some helpful and detailed information that will assist you. Your case can be cleared if it is properly prepared. PPT is one of the things that we specialize in here in Surrey BC as per our website home page. These lawyers have given you some incorrect information. Your waiver will be good for multiple entries into the United States. However, you may only get 1 year on your first one since they tend to be hard on PPT.

The problem is that a lot of these lawyers and Discount waiver companies do not know what they are doing. I am a former American law enforcement officer, L.E. trainer and former USA federal employee. One of the agencies that I have previously worked for is the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. I have also previously worked for other federal agencies and understand how they think and what needs to be done regarding clearing these border crossing cases.

Also, there is something called Humanitarian Parole where they MAY allow a person entry on an emergency basis. However, they have strict criteria regarding these paroles. I recommend that you do not try to get a parole on your own since you could talk yourself into a 5 year ban at the land border.

You also do not need to know the exact dates of travel since there are methods to address this as per the American immigration code. We would be happy to do a zoom call and go over the particulars regarding this type of case. This can be cleared for sure as long as you have no affiliation with any certain groups as I relayed to your relative today.

We invite you to check out our Youtube channel and internet talk radio show. We provide free info on these platforms that hopefully can prevent people from experiencing these problems. I have a few private questions regarding the event at the border. I am a former American law enforcement officer and trainer. My bio can attest to my particulars and what our firm/organization can do regarding finding an answer to resolving these border crossing issues. We have 6 global locations to include Surrey BC, Vancouver, Burnaby, London UK, Washington State and Estonia.

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