Peace Arch is taking Waivers - Non Essential eSAFE only

J Rogersposted 2 years ago

I have a client going to hand in their waiver there. They insist no appointment is needed and that they are taking them.

360-332-8511 is the number. For those not aware, this is in British Columbia.

I will update everyone after as to how it went.

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No appointment needed. I went arrived at peace arch at 845pm last week and was back in Canada before 945pm. Note I still had a valid waiver and I-194.

rivets4534 replied 2 months ago   #13

Do you need to make an appointment before you go to CBP, or walk-in work?
I will be going to the Pacific Highway one.

[ sj01256 appended this reply on September 15, 2023 @ 2:59 pm ]

I keep calling the phone number, but no response.

sj01256 replied 2 months ago   #12

Esafe website now doesn’t say no biometrics till January. Glad I got mine in beforehand cause now there will be an influx

Gerry65 replied 2 years ago   #11

Any word or idea on who gets asked to provide a DNA sample and who doesn’t? Has anyone made any sense of it yet?

Magnus replied 2 years ago   #10

@BackToUSA I went to Peace Arch and did my biometrics no problem, and they gave me a paper to show CBSA upon my return into Canada to say I only went in for my biometrics... no issues at all!!!

Terri replied 2 years ago   #9

I went this am to peace arch ( very early ) as I work graveyard. I was there about an hour. I submitted my documents/verified by a supervisor ( guys were very nice there ). Did my fingerprints, picture and now (new ) a DNA swab and was on my way. At Canadian entry I WAS asked for a covid test which I had got an email an hour ago documents submitted to ARO. So they are doing them but come Monday that border might be a madhouse and this am was empty.

Gerry65 replied 2 years ago   #8

Curious about processing time after a request for additional documents using e safe. Took 3 weeks from submitting my application to getting an additional documents request. Responded that same night on Oct 14 2021 and still haven’t heard anything. I only have until nov 7 to get across the border before the new vaccine mandates (I’m not vaxxed). Time is of the essence

Des91 replied 2 years ago   #7

@ J Rogers I will call later today my wife has done my last 3 waivers -all approved as she’s a CPA and this is the first estate one she doesn’t recall it
Ever asking what cbp office u want to attend and that’s my only worry is officer rehon ( might b spelling it wrong ) at the Sumas entry said they WERE doing them even for non essential BUT when he asked my name he said my application wasn’t there and ARO will email me where it was sent but when I asked ARO to send it there they flatly said nope in that email I posted But I’m going
To call peace arch and ask too Did your client put peace arch on their app and it’s their ? I have my app # and it says on website “paid” so
I’m really hoping I can go and get docs submitted and get it completed so I might be able
To travel in December

Gerry65 replied 2 years ago   #6

Apparently on eSAFE, you need to put the Port you are going to. Apparently (from what Homeland Security is telling me and other clients in Ontario) that is the only port with access.

The Peace Arch has told me on 3 occasions that they are taking waivers. This is why I posted the number. If anyone calls and they say something different,, please get the name of the person so we can follow up.

J Rogers replied 2 years ago   #5

@ J Rogers I want to go to the peace arch keep getting told by ARO Nope can’t go but I’m going to go in BC Please let me know if your client had to have PCR test and when I called sumas the guy looked my name up and said my e-safe app wasn’t there but it’s been on r-safe as submitted since April 6 Will peace arch be able to look it up ?

Gerry65 replied 2 years ago   #4

In Ontario, they are not requiring a test. I am still waiting for my BC clients to go to the border. You are there less than an hour, and you get a paper that says you did not enter the US. Even unvaxxed clients who are getting the 14 day quarantine are calling after the fact and getting exemptions. Again, this is at Buffalo.

J Rogers replied 2 years ago   #3

Terri- if you leave your car they can quarantine you. Will they? Maybe, maybe not. If that’s a 14 day gamble you want to take then do it. Or just get a negative test and have proof of 2 vaccinations at least 14 days prior.

BackToUSA replied 2 years ago   #2

Did your client have to have a PCR test to come back into Canada?
I submitted my esafe, and Peace Arch will do my biometrics, but I'm a little scared to make appointment yet, because we require a PCR test to get back into Canada!

Terri replied 2 years ago   #1

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