Peace Arch is taking Waivers - Non Essential eSAFE only

J Rogersposted 1 month ago

I have a client going to hand in their waiver there. They insist no appointment is needed and that they are taking them.

360-332-8511 is the number. For those not aware, this is in British Columbia.

I will update everyone after as to how it went.

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@ J Rogers I want to go to the peace arch keep getting told by ARO Nope can’t go but I’m going to go in BC Please let me know if your client had to have PCR test and when I called sumas the guy looked my name up and said my e-safe app wasn’t there but it’s been on r-safe as submitted since April 6 Will peace arch be able to look it up ?

Gerry65 replied 6 hours ago   #4

In Ontario, they are not requiring a test. I am still waiting for my BC clients to go to the border. You are there less than an hour, and you get a paper that says you did not enter the US. Even unvaxxed clients who are getting the 14 day quarantine are calling after the fact and getting exemptions. Again, this is at Buffalo.

J Rogers replied 19 hours ago   #3

Terri- if you leave your car they can quarantine you. Will they? Maybe, maybe not. If that’s a 14 day gamble you want to take then do it. Or just get a negative test and have proof of 2 vaccinations at least 14 days prior.

BackToUSA replied 1 day ago   #2

Did your client have to have a PCR test to come back into Canada?
I submitted my esafe, and Peace Arch will do my biometrics, but I'm a little scared to make appointment yet, because we require a PCR test to get back into Canada!

Terri replied 2 days ago   #1

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