Pardons. We need changes, or at least a different "attitude" Here is what you can do.

J Rogersposted 4 months ago

I talked to Ruby Sahota today. Very nice lady, Member of Parliament for Brampton North.

We need changes at the Pardon Unit of the Parole Board. They need to advocate for applicants when police "block" local police checks, or make it otherwise "difficult" for people to apply for their pardon. I am not advocating they make the decision different, but if you frustrate and block applicants form even APPLYING, that is not acceptable.

I don't like the "look" of white police officers working in a records division, blocking applicants of color, and then white Pardon Unit officers collaborating in this effort by them making the applicant "prove it".

Bullshit. Mr./Ms Government employee either takes the application without it, or gets on the phone and confirms it.

We live in Canada, and the Pardon Unit needs to stop pretending Stephen Harper is in charge. Advocate for the public, or let someone else have your very cushy government job.

Ruby Sahota can be reached via I urge anyone who cares about this issue, to contact her.

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We all actually participated in a 2 consultations in 2016. The first one was decent, but the second one actually showed some excellent promise. Pardon companies actually participated in that one.

The 5 and 10 year waiting period is a frustrating one but that is more in line with just making more people eligible.

If you ever do a number of pardons, you will realize that there are bigger problems. But you can't understand them by looking at the website or having 'cursory' knowledge of Pardons. You have to DO them on a regular basis to understand. Your experience in waivers shows when you talk about THAT topic.

I know you are taking an interest in it NOW, but your comment shows you don't have the experience yet. Not meant as an insult, but you are oversimplifying the problems we have as pardon suppliers, and it shows that you can't become an expert without actually DOING a lot of pardons.

Like your approach to your videos. You clearly don't know who pays for pardons. Your pointing out the process can be done without the assistance of anyone (as if anyone isn't aware of that) then you do a video that if anything, makes it seem more complicated than it actually is.

Typical client: Male. Struggling to find better job. Wife/girlfriend tells him GET THIS SORTED OUT.

Do you think he comes home form his job and becomes some online researcher? watching hour long DIY videos so he can do a bunch of paperwork?

NO. He calls me.

"John I have a problem".
"Bob I can solve your problem. With one easy visit".
"I'll see you Monday".

He comes in. Does fingerprints, Signs forms. 30 minutes later, PROBLEM SOLVED.
That night at home;

"did you finally take care of the problems?" wife asks?

All done.


This is what they are buying, and that is what we are selling. Your not married/in a relationship or this would resonate.

That doesn't mean you can't "get into pardons", but your doing it in an awkward way. "I do pardons now!" is followed by "this video will blow up the whole industry" followed by "I am about to make this exciting announcement" followed by "I have all of Trumps missing votes!".

I think the video you were proposing on 5 year bans was a great idea, and I don't know why you didn't do it.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #5

Well some of this is on the pardon applicant to ensure that they have complied with the requirements to obtain a pardon. The government can only go so far in terms of change since people have to accept some of this responsibility. We also have not really had any issues with the local police check. The 5-10 year waiting period has to be fixed at the upper level of govt. It is fine to talk about it here, but I have never been one to sit around in a group session and just talk about change. People need to contact their govt in large numbers and make their voices known. Obviously, not much will happen if they do not.

Also, this actually ties into how we deal with these pardon cases. We do a lot of things that are not posted in this forum. We have been doing something special with these pardons since 2019 but have not listed it here. Initially, it was a test program, but it indeed seems to work and will prevent a lot of problems with the local police check. It could just be me, but I am not in the habit of posting every single thing that I do on any social media platform. Btw I am not referring to either of you.

I will do a video and explain how this problem does not impact us as much. The video will also tie into why we made the one about people doing their own pardon if it is a simple case. A junior version of the following title below will only be used members in our new Criminal Record Elimination Department. This department will not just focus on "Canadian Pardons" only. I welcome your input and can reach out to you to see how you may benefit on this venture.

Ken Scott
Senior Criminal Record Elimination Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 4 months ago   #4

Thank fully, I don't have much trouble with local checks here, however, you are right - they can really mess up the process if not done right. I did have a RCMP detachment exclude information, and I got a proposal to deny from the Parole Board, based on information the RCMP "omitted", to us, but supplied to the Parole Board later, it added a ton of extra work.

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #3

@Michelle I touched on how disappointed we all were at the lack of action after the consultations of 2016 and how the cannabis pardon was a waste of time. But I focused on the local police check issue because Peel is frustrating and she is a MP from Brampton.

So what you proposed is a great idea. Imagine we get an MP interested in making REAL changes. That would be fantastic.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #2

I will contact her to talk about the 5 and 10 year waiting time, also the fines that were missed and paid, and having to wait 5 or 10 years from the date the fine was paid, even if 25 years have passed since conviction. This is my biggest issue I have with the process.

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #1

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