Pardon Eligibility

J Rogersposted 3 weeks ago

The Eligibility for Pardons quietly changed. It is no longer the convictions date that matters in every case, but the date of the actual offence.

If you go on the website for the Parole Board of Canada, you will see eligibility criteria takes into account when you committed the offence. We talked to a supervisor at the board and they confirmed this.

I won't bore everyone with a long winded explanation because this is a waiver forum, but feel free to call if you want to know if you are eligible.

The Parole Board can be reached at 1-800-874-2652

Our office can be reached at 905-459-9669. We can help you figure out on the phone if you are eligible. No obligation obviously.

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Would you look into my file to see if I’m eligible for my pardon yet?

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