Pardon Application Timeline as of September 1 2020

J Rogersposted 2 weeks ago

I know sometimes people want to know "practical" timelines for pardons they may have at the Parole Board so I will share 3 pardons I got in today granted.

This is just involving the waiting time AFTER the pardon has been sent to the Parole Board in Ottawa.

2 were indictable offences, so in both cases i expected a year long wait, minimum. In both cases they were submitted in November and December, got the acknowledgment letter in December.

Both were granted in August, so that's well under a year for both. Different pardon officers as well.
The other was supposed to be a "quick pardon" because he had summary convictions. It went to the board on March 16 2020, and also came back today, no acknowledgment letter (which was expected). So 6 months. Without covid that would have been a 3 month wait maximum.

@Michelle, what are you finding for pardons being granted?

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I got a few pardons in today, and the timeline is all over the map.

Perfect example:

Sent in March 18 2020
Acknowledgment letter August 10 2020
Pardon Granted September 1 2020

2 summary convictions, but why the acknowledgment letter? Makes no sense but just happy it is granted.

Then another took 9 months, again no explanation. And another 13 months.

They ARE answering the phone now, as of this week.

J Rogers replied 23 hours ago   #2

John, none of my new pardons that I have sent in since Covid have received acknowledgment letters or any other updates. Before COVID applications are taking the standard time, and I am receiving them. No changes that I have noticed. Will definitely keep you updated.

Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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