Pardon and Waiver Companies to watch out for

J Rogersposted 2 weeks ago

Unfortunately, there are lots of companies that have a very poor track record in this industry. It can be negligence, it can be incompetency, but in some cases, its outright fraud.

Pardons4less in Oakville used to be Scotia Pardons. The owner also had Federal Pardons and he was a partner in Trusted Pardons. A client came in that used to WORK at Scotia Pardons. Scotia Pardons pretended to close down and literally moved to a new office across the street, leaving their paid clients high and dry.

Dominion Pardons is the worst of the ones that still operate. The owners name is Richard Breslin, and he specializes in sending people who JUST inquired to fake credit agencies to threaten and blackmail people into giving him money. I have 2 clients who verified he himself cannot be accredited by the RCMP because he has a criminal record. He went to a persons WORK and told the employer the man had a criminal record because he wouldn't pay this extortion.
(see in the next comment what someone posted online about this company)

Pardons Canada, shoddy work, slow and refused to do waivers when the border was closed despite being shown proof they were accepting them. Andrew Tannenbaum and his wife own the business and I get the "dirt" when employees leave and try to sell me their crappy "leads". I guess we should applaud that they don't simply close down, but Ian Levine started that company falsely pretending to be "not for profit" and they have kept up the tradition of deception.

Please post your own stories or experiences.

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Dominion Pardons -written online by someone.

"14/5/18 I spoke with Mr. Richard Breslin to obtain a File Destruction for my youth convictions.
The amount of $791.00 CAD was paid over seven months. (Refer to the pictures below)

1/7/19 I received a letter from a collections agency CAA (Commercial Credit Adjusters Ltd.) I was put into collections by Dominion Pardons & Waivers for debts (I did not owe).

1/19 I found out that having a youth conviction, I was not eligible for a file destruction. I served Dominion Pardons & Waivers and Richard Breslin a plaintiff's claim to appear in court.

2/4/19 The collection agency CAA (Commercial Credit Adjusters Ltd.) mailed me & demanded me to pay an additional $303.00 CAD. Then stated: "escalated collections activity which may include legal against in a court of competent jurisdiction. We are extending you one final deadline" (This is pertaining to debts I do not owe on 1/7/19)

2/13/19 Dominion Pardons & Waivers prepared a defense denying allegations against them.

3/4/19 Dominion Pardons & Waivers representative e-mailed me stating: "On the assumption that you are, indeed, the author of such defamatory review, this letter is notice that Dominion will commence legal proceedings against you in the Superior Court of Justice"

3/4/19 The representative then e-mailed me an Offer to Settle (my plaintiff's claim). In the offer to settle, he said if I removed all defamatory comments made against Dominion Pardons & Waivers - they will agree to pay me $991.00 CAD. (As I did not participate in any defamatory activities, this request was impossible for me to complete)

3/7/19 Dominion Pardons & Waivers made a new Offer to Settle - this included me to sign a note stating I did not write any defamatory statements. In return I will get $991.00, remove my "debt" from collections and get my credit cleared.

3/19 I agreed to the settlement. I successfully received $991.00 and was removed from collections. Till the very end, Dominion Pardons & Waivers has denied most allegations I've submitted to the courts.

Honest rating of 1/5 stars because they should have known that a File Destruction was not meant for youth convictions. There were too many problems in the end.

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