October 2nd Fee Increase. Way to use E-Safe to not have fee increase (possibly)

J Rogersposted 1 month ago

The Fee is going up October 2nd, but because the border MAY not open September 21st, people may not be able to beat the fee increase.

There is another possibility. I want to share it hear with everyone, because I share ALL my information. This Forum is about sharing ideas.

On October 1, you could file under E-SAFE and pay the $585.00. Your application is now "filed". You then have 45 days to do your biometrics. That takes us to November 15 approx.

The "gamble" is if the border does not open by then, and you cannot get an extension, you lose the $585.00

This will work if;
-the border opens before that date
-they "extend" the time your "fee" is good for

Of course, if they start taking waivers before that (September 21), then this does not matter. File it any ways you want and you beat the fee increase.

Any comments on why this would/wouldn't work?

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@ John Please see the thread titled Ken Scott and his business.

KSCOTT replied 3 weeks ago   #19

Ken Scott is once again NOT telling the truth. He did NOT get any client a Waiver for a sex related offence. Trumps Homeland Security is not giving out waivers for sex related offences. If I mentioned "no one over 6'5 is getting a waiver" Ken Scott would claim he was getting one for an entire basketball team. He is NOT credible.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #18

I just got word from a client that we obtained from here. He had a sex-related offence from many years ago and I was just informed that his approved waiver came in the mail. He posted here about a year and a half ago and he just told me that he got his waiver approved.

So do not believe when the Discount Waiver Companies tell you that sex assault convictions will not be approved under the Trump administration. This individual is extremely happy and is an Ontario resident. This is the same client that was also mentioned yesterday in another thread by the agent of a Discount Waiver Company. It took a very long time and indeed was a major effort to get approved.

Sex Assault convictions can get approved under this administration if you know what you are doing. You will not get this same level of service if you are only paying 499 plus tax on a waiver since this is a car payment for some people. So yes contact the professionals when you need to resolve your border crossing issues. It is even better if you are in BC since we can have you come to our Surrey, Burnaby or Vancouver location and meet one of our staff members.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
1 888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K Scott replied 3 weeks ago   #17

Yes as usual you are providing false information again in regard of the aforementioned client. Your post in this thread is also covered under our Cease and Desist notice. Get your facts straight before you make statements as such since you have no idea what he was charged nor are you privy to the outcome of the case. Your defamatory statement here will be added to the collection that is growing on a daily basis.

KSCOTT replied 3 weeks ago   #16

@KenScott, again you forget that you claimed a law firm did the "sex offence" waiver, and not you. Now your suddenly claiming you have done one when you never made such a claim when we brought it up before?

Don't forget, you promised to give that guy in Ontario his money back when you crash and burn on the waiver you convinced him you could get. Your going to return his money IN FULL or I am going to shame you on here.

He isn't getting a waiver, which is why I told him to wait until Trump was done. Then you told him to try anyways, and that you would give him a full refund if you failed. And what a surprise, it was for LESS than I charge. So much for the fiction about your high "fees".

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #15

Anyway people I guess a certain person has seen CBP reports 100% of all waiver cases in all of Canada for sex crimes. I think that our client Mr. A C. that has a sex assault conviction in BC and got his 5-year waiver in late 2018 would beg to differ. Sex crimes can indeed be cleared but they are major work, very difficult and very expensive. The harder ones to clear are when the victim is under 18. I cannot speak for other providers but we have gotten the over 18 offences cleared.

K SCOTT replied 3 weeks ago   #14

@KenScott, this is absolutely false. SInce Trump has been in office I KNOW that waivers for sexually based offences were NOT being approved. "Filed a second time" is bullshit. Stop pretending your doing the impossible.

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #13

Yeah well we have gotten waivers for sex crimes but they are major work and sometimes had to be filed a 2nd time. Depends on the actual particulars of the sex crime in terms of their approving the waiver

KSCOTT replied 4 weeks ago   #12

@Jazzsax I think your missing the American "view". They don't care about the money. At all.

As much as WE see Americans as the "infected ones" they look at it differently. Remember, Homeland Security was created BECAUSE of 9/11. Before that, it was "Immigration and Naturalization". The mindset changed.

Also think of what they have been apart of the last 4 years. Homeland Security are GRABBING protesters off the streets in Portland. Americans.

This is a paramilitary organization that have been emboldened. What other organization would hike fees...but then give you no avenue to actually apply before the fees go up?

I have clients who have had waivers for years, LBGQ clients who were convicted of having consensual sex with another person of the same sex in cars. They can not get a waiver because the offence was termed "indecent act".

This goes back to the thread where we argued whether any sexually based offences were being granted. I maintain not a single one has. Notice that poster who suddenly "appeared" to argue I was wrong NEVER appeared again? Because again, it was misinformation. Homeland Security is not granting waivers for sexually based offences right now.

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #11

Jazzsax..actually around here..u do enter into the USA when u deliver an application..u have to drive through the border entry and park on the US side..then enter the building..I understand what u r saying when u deliver at the airport..

Michelle replied 4 weeks ago   #10

Here’s what I don’t get... why does it matter if the border isn’t open? You aren’t “crossing” it

Theoretically the land crossings should be able to accept people with covid safeguards and process the biometrics... you aren’t crossing g the border... they are still staffed

If DHS wasn’t stupid they would allow applications to have money come in

Jazzsax1 replied 4 weeks ago   #9

@Michelle they are probably telling people that so they will continue to file for waivers before that. As with most misinformation, its a way to get money out of people. A client of mine for waivers was already doing a pardon through notorious Pardons Canada on St Clair in Toronto. When his pardon was granted, he got an email asking for $1000 to "delete the photos and files from the police". I explained this was a scam, but they do this with ALL their clients. (***records cannot be deleted, only sealed, if the person re-offends, the pardon is revoked and the record goes back) This is why they have to pay so much $$ to be at the top of the Google search. They have a lot of terrible reviews, but sadly, most men especially don't read reviews.

The good news Michelle is in the long run, being honest and transparent ALWAYS wins out. The Commisionaires and Pardons Canada will eventually pay for their misinformation.

***This was for anyone else wondering why it cannot be done, not Michelle, who obviously knows this.

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #8

@michelle Why are they telling people that the new fee does not apply to people that need I-192 waivers? Also Peach Arch was taking the E-SAFE waiver applications before COVID and I assume thaat they will restart once the border starts taking applications.

The fee increase does not really hurt my people as much since they are used to higher fees anyway. It will in a sense force the smaller fish people to save their money so that they will have it to pay the fee. Also note that the fee goes up and down in Canadian dollars as per the conversion rate.

Right now it would convert to $1854cdn but what happens when the exchange rate goes up to $2200Cdn or more depending on the economy? We are developing methods right now to try and help people cope with the problem.

Hence this is why we are trying to qualify as many people for the September Letters or the local clearance that could qualify.

KSCOTT replied 4 weeks ago   #7

So...Commissionaires is telling their clients that the fee increase does not apply to I-192 Waiver applications - only visas..and only if you apply at USA Consulate..the fee will remain at $585 at any Border Crossing..yikes..I hate to be them after October 2..

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #6

Okay, thanks guys, I think this is a good way around the fee for now..Hopefully, some locations will start E-Safe out here soon.

MIchelle replied 1 month ago   #5


I am not sure of any locations out west, here we can do eSAFE at land borders as well. Even the clients who file eSAFE here were going to the Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls.

The idea (if you can get around the problem you raised) is to pay the lower fee and "gamble" that the person is not going to have their file closed in the 45 days.

To illustrate.

On September 21st the border doesn't open. Steve Smith (pretend client) files on eSAFE on October 1 and pays the $585.00. Now Steve has until November 15 for the border to "open" and be able to get fingerprinted. Lets say he loses that gamble. If Homeland Security EXTENDS the time the fee is good for, he is still fine. If they cut it off at November 15th, fee is lost unfortunately.

I don't think a ton of people would be up for this as a solution, but I do have some professional gamblers, so maybe. LOL

Anyways, just trying to float some creativity. The truth of the matter is that the majority of my clients are going to still pay the increased fee, unhappily, but most of them NEED the waiver regardless.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #4

This may provide some temporarily relief but eventually people will still have to pay the new govt fee. We can ponder/play with this topic for now but it will be the same conclusion in the end. Yes lets see if this technique will work but will it really matter when someone files for a waiver Jan 2021 and beyond.

I still stand by the fact that a person will still have to attend a border to do prints. This is why we do not see a point in E-SAFE since either way you are going to a border. We will use it if it becomes mandatory.

Also, they do E-SAFE at one of our land borders in BC.

KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #3

Sorry, edit, my thoughts are eventually you still have to deliver paperwork and be fingerprinted by Customs even if you file E-Safe??

MIchelle replied 1 month ago   #2

John, Interesting, however, this does not work for me..as E-safe is still only in Ontario at this time. I really wonder how this is going to work, as E-safe is currently at International Airport? is it not? and they say that waiver paperwork will not longer be accepted at the airports? I am confused..LOL

MIchelle replied 1 month ago   #1

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