Need your suggestion about applying for a visa

JDVancouverposted 9 months ago

Hi all,

I need your suggestion about applying for a visa. Uhhh, specifically, China Visa. It is asking for Criminal Record history. Should I submit my criminal record to apply for China Visa?

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Thank you so much @Tiffany @DT @J Rogers for all your answers. I’m grateful I found this forum because there’s so much confusing info out there.

Saint replied 8 months ago   #15

@Saint you need government issued ID so none of that would matter really since your full name and DOB would be on at least one of them. You need a passport foreign or Canadian, PR card or any other government issued ID that’s not a SIN or Health Card and you need one to show your address. The only way to rule out if two or more people are the same names and DOB is by fingerprinting and they’d certainly do that before they can clear you. I’m almost certain that the same names you used when you became a PR are the names that would be on a government issued ID since they would have needed that document to provide you with photo identification in Canada.

Lol on no one else has your record. You being cleared for no record don’t change that someone else with the same name and DOB may have a record. That’s why they use fingerprints to rule you out.

Tiffany replied 8 months ago   #14

Hi @DT

Thank you for your reply.

I’m not trying to do a check on someone else, but if I wanted to do a check on myself for instance, do I need my full legal names and DOB? Or just the full legal names?

Or what if one name out of 3 is missing, would the record still show up? Or would it show a list of all the people with the same first and last names if that’s what was used?

I ask because I want to ensure no one else has my record now that I have had a file destruction and that no record of it exists anywhere again and I can move forward with my life without worry of the past hunting me. It’s been a difficult 3 year journey. I just want to ensure no one could have run a check on me prior to now and somehow have this somewhere. Call me paranoid, but I’ve read some crazy stories.

Saint replied 8 months ago   #13

@Saint what do you mean to do a check on someone? You are the only one who can apply for your criminal record check. You need two pieces of IDENTIFICATION. If when you do the check and someone has the same name and DOB (a child molester for instance), it needs to be verified by fingerprint. Unless that’s not what you’re asking.

DT replied 8 months ago   #12

Thank you @J Rogers I feel a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I have been contemplating what my options are and to be honest, I have been so paranoid about never being able to travel to the US or anywhere else ever again. I guess I can now confidently answer no to any questions about an arrest.

I do have to ask as I saw a similar question from another member. To do a check on someone In order to run their criminal record or any other record, do you need the full legal names and DOB or just the legal names? Or just first and last name? Or if you input just the first name for instance, do all records of everyone who has that name pop up? Do you mind sharing how that works please?
Thank you for the time to dedicate to provide answers to people on this forum.

Saint replied 8 months ago   #11


Do fingerprints for a pardon/record suspension. When the results come in (have them sent to you) if there is no record at all, your "file destruction" worked. Do not mention it to Homeland Security.

Ironically if you were to mention it, they would then want official records, which are now...purged. So being honest could make this harder.

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #10

@J Rogers

No, I haven’t left the country since the file destruction because I read somewhere that they may still see the FPS?

To go to the states, I need a visa as I am still a PR in Canada but will apply for citizenship by the end of this year.

When filling the visa form, do I admit the arrest? Can they really see the FPS? I wonder if they automatically deny me the visa if I admit the arrest. If I say no to the arrest, am I risking misrepresentation? I don’t want to make the situation worse.

What’s the point of a file destruction if they can still see the FPS? This whole situation sucks

[ Saint appended this reply on January 10, 2023 @ 4:37 am ]

@J Rogers

File destruction after peace bond. Charges were withdrawn after peace bond.

Saint replied 8 months ago   #9


Explain a little bit more about what happened. "File destruction" because of a withdrawn/stayed/dismissed charge? Or a conditional or absolute discharge? And were you ever denied entry?

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #8

@J Rogers @Michelle or anyone else with personal experiences please?

Saint replied 8 months ago   #7

Okay, how about applying for a US visa after a file destruction? Do you still have to be honest about your arrest? Or do you say no to the arrest and hope they don’t find it?

Saint replied 8 months ago   #6


Thank you so much. I totally agree with you. I will not take the risk then.

JDVancouver replied 8 months ago   #5

@JDVancouver I m not sure if any one can give a more confirmed answer.

There may be someone posting that they didn't mention their record and did not face trouble in traveling to China. But that does not give you any guarantee you will not face trouble when you do the same.

If I was in your place, I will certainly be honest and put any record that they could find via RCMP or global agencies. If its too local a record that finding it is very hard, I may take my chances but I will be very cautious about it.

Like @JRogers says, I don't want an additional record of misrepresentatipn on top of my existing records.

skumar replied 9 months ago   #4

Thank you so much, J Rogers. If someone else has the confirmative answer, that would be great.

JDVancouver replied 9 months ago   #3


I really don't know. Where is the "China Waivers" message board?

My assumption is that they do a name/dob check and if there is a hit, they make you do fingerprints. If you "lie" on the application, and get caught, you are not getting a visa, maybe for a long time. This is a military dictatorship where your not allowed to say "Tiananmen Square" in a public place.

If you have a pardon, then say "no". If you have an actual criminal record, you should disclose it I would assume. China and Canada spy on each other all the time. Its ridiculous to assume they are going to be lax when it comes to some Canadian getting a visa.

This is all based on assumptions btw. I have no direct knowledge.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #2

What I mean is, if I say NO, do they have a way to find out that I do have a criminal record to deny my visa application?

JDVancouver replied 9 months ago   #1

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