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I currently have a waiver pending that was started 11/2021, and then biometrics finally done the day after getting court documents which were not a lot (3-4 pages) and work for an American insurance company. I am supposed to have already boarded and left this morning but changed my flight for Tuesday afternoon to allow time for the waiver company I used to look into emergency options. This trip is for me to go for the official opening of a satellite office I am the MGA for (Managing General Agent) running this new office from Ontario with a team of agents who are US citizens that work under me and the day to day work is from home now due to Covid changes in the business but the opening of the office is an in person event that I am speaking at and the person everyone is waiting to arrive and hear from. As well for the meetings we have scheduled later in the week with some of the President's of different labor unions that our company underwrites the benefits for and to expand into this new part of the state and hopefully acquire those contracts like we have for the other offices I've helped launch. My waiver was started in November after a trip to Dallas was refused due to criminal inadmissibility for charges from 2013 for possession of marijuana and failure to comply for missing a fingerprinting date, and then a theft under which was withdrawn and a prowl by night charge which was convicted a couple of years after that. I have moved my flight to Tuesday afternoon hopeful that the waiver will be approved Monday, or Tuesday morning but I do want to know who to call about port parole since if I do not make it, they will have to reassign this office to another MGA if even possible on short notice, OR outright cancel its opening completely. The executives and CEO have sent me emails with letters to use to assist and my character references in the waiver application and my statement are quite compelling for a favorable decision according to a lawyer I had read them over before filing on ESAFE. Biometrics were done Monday April 25th, 2022 at Rainbow Bridge, and I am supposed to fly from Toronto. How should I go about pleading for port parole and what is the best way to go about this.

If I do not end up being able to attend 1) I would not have the income coming in to support my family that I have had the last couple of years as I've worked with opening and launching numerous offices for the company since starting there just a few years ago, and
2) my non-resident state life license with the Insurance Council for Nevada was due to expire Jan 1 and they've allowed an extension on this for me due to COVID delays etc while I figure out how I can attend my meeting to renew the license to conduct business and employ the US citizens I currently have employed, and they are not willing to keep waiting.

With both of these reasons what can anyone suggest would be a good course of action for Port Parole to be hopefully considered emergency port parole for just a short number of days (until Sunday 05/07/2022 and it is now 05/01/2022). I am very angry that the company I hired to help with my waiver advised us that the 1st of January the waiver would be in by and we hadn't even received court documents yet at that point which were only 3-4 pages in length but took time to receive. Can I arrive at the airport in Toronto with all my pending waiver documents and letters basically begging from the CEO and agency owner to allow me entry for the purpose of this business trip. I'll be out the majority of my income and the business I've been working to build and develop these agents would be given to someone else otherwise therefore causing me significant hardship as well as the US citizens that work under me, and the fact that I am supposed to be the main speaker at the launch meeting for this office with senior staff from different labor boards that need to hear what we can offer their union members and to sign contracts with us hopefully by the end of it. Without me there...simply put...would be next to impossible to pick someone and prep them/train them on everything with 1 day to spare. Any help would be appreciated or contact info for who I should go to for assistance before just attending the airport or doing nothing and loosing everything.

Thanks in advance

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@Joshua S Pardons Canada. Of course.

In 6 months I could have easily gotten you TWO waivers.

Quick story. I started doing Waivers after covid (documented on this forum) in May 2021. The Border was still closed.

I was getting waivers extremely fast, and people who had started with other companies, especially Pardons Canada, were skeptical. So I would have them come in so I could show them proof. I would photocopy the proof, and tell them to give it to Andrew Tanenbaum (owner of Pardons Canada) and demand he ALSO do the waiver they paid for. When confronted with PROOF, he STILL REFUSED. They then paid me, got their waivers, and moved on.

Pardons Canada had laid off staff and didn't want to spend money doing work for the clients who had paid, until THEY GOT NEW CLIENTS.

Remember, this company poses as a "non profit", they pretend at various times to be the government, to be part of the John Howard Society, to be a "partner with the United Way....etc. They used to charge Social Services an EXTRA fee to "expedite" pardons, until social services realized they were paying a premium for SLOWER service.

Know how the original owner of Pardons Canada learned how to do pardon and waiver forms? He pretended to be a client, paid over the phone by AMEX, then once he had the documents, refused the charge. Ian Levine was his name. Andrew worked for him, and he I assume bought the company. Ian probably realized this ponzi scheme will blow up in his face eventually.

Pardons Canada gets away with it because people with criminal records generally make the best victims. They don't want public scrutiny. So Andrew pockets the money, and no one holds him to account. They do little to no work, and every time a staff member quits, they try and sell their leads to me, and tell me how corrupt the company is.

Until someone holds them accountable, I will make thread after thread about this, and they will continue to do this to people. If you look, I actually HAVE a thread called "Pardons Canada" where I warn people.

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Thanks John. I am supposed to fly out at 2:30PM and it was with Pardons Canada. The entire 6 month process has been teeth pulling trying to ask them to start another process like this to ensure my ability to enter for this needed trip. I get text message replies that is usually it and spoke twice to the gentleman that didn’t even file my e safe app on my behalf or book my biometrics. Basically gave them 2 grand for a letter to bring tomorrow that doesn’t explain much Of anything. I will call you tomorrow morning and perhaps you could assist with last minute preparations and an email like you mentioned but with the time being less then 12 hours from now it is going to be nearly impossible to reschedule a flight to be by land. I will call tomorrow to discuss. Funds are not an issue for this and I know it’s not a guarantee but any help without changing the itinerary would be most ideal. I’m already 2 days late to arrive but the first 3 days are not as important as Wednesday the first day of the event. I’ll call you tomorrow and hopefully you’re able to assist out of Toronto Pearson.

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@Joshua S I can help you. I am the one who posted about Port Paroles.

First of all, you should mention the name of the company that wronged you, so people don't make the same mistake.

I do Port Paroles from Buffalo NY. You would have to drive through, and then catch a plane in Buffalo.

You come to the office with all the "proof" of where your going, and how urgent it is etc.
We apply via email. The response can be in the timeline you mentioned, as long as they say "yes". The Port Director himself calls you if it is a yes.

Its not even expensive. They charge a token fee and our fee is only $282.00 taxes included.

Will they say yes? Well, it is not certain. These are USUALLY reserved for "My mother is about to die". or "I need to get emergency cancer treatment" but I have seen work ones granted in the past. Its fast, but its far from guaranteed.

Call me at 905-459-9669 or my cell at 416-843-1371.

Pardon and Waiver Experts
96 Kennedy Road South
Suite 201
Brampton On

My name Is John Rogers.

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