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KSCOTTposted 5 months ago

Well, I decided to just start the thread fresh again since the title speaks for itself. People, you can do your own pardon if it is a simple case. You do not need to hire anyone to do it and I will show you how you can do this yourself. You do not really need a Canadian Pardon unless you need it for employment. The video will explain everything in detail.

Let me be clear when I say that CANADIAN PARDONS ARE A WASTE OF MONEY!!. You do not need to be bothered by getting one unless it is for the reasons that we always mention such as employment or getting a relevant licence. Our video will show you how you can do your own and save money. You will not have to waste in on an Ontario Discount Waiver Company.

Also, I want to say that J.R. actually gave me the idea of doing this video based on his asinine comments. I would not had done it were it not for him and his behaviour. This means that it is a win-win for us and the public. We will continue to use his ideas to give us leads to do more shows and bring good content to our viewers.

Also, he seems to have a fixation with me and England for some odd reasons. Let me post something that will finally provide him some clarity. He is unare of where I am physically sitting at my desk at the moment and it is really none of his business. It does not matter whether I am in England, Surrey BC, Seattle, Wash, Paris or Wiesbaden, Germany. This information is completely irrelevant, and I will give him a quick example.

We work with some USA West Coast law firm that have clients in Canada. Obviously, they cannot come up and see clients in Canada unless they have the proper licence. Well, we have a deal with them that their clients come to our BC locations for the tele conference and other things. They then sit through the live videocam tele conference and the work is done by USA the lawyer. Then the client visits the actual lawyer in the USA as needed. It is a win-win for both parties and it does not matter that the lawyer is in Oregon for example.

He needs to understand that this is not 1950 since the world now conducts business on a global scale. So, even for example if I were sitting in the London, UK office, it still does not matter since the clients still come to the Canadian locations as needed. He just does not seem to understand that I do not have to be in each actual location myself.

He really needs to not be concerned with me and instead focus on his little digital fingerprinting experiment.

Replies (recent first):

People... make your own choice on what you want to do regarding your pardon. Does not matter whatever deflection techniques trolls may try to use to divert you from the actual goal. When the day is over you can make your own choice. You already have the tools in place now to do the job.

Two other gentlemen contacted us now for questions on their pardon cases. They have apparently now decided to do their own but just want to run some parts of the process by us. One apparently is on a first name basis by the RCMP. One even laughingly gave his opinion about the opposition here on this forum to our videos. He is telling me that people here will want this content since it can save them some money. I was unsure until I received verification from him and some of the others that have contacted us over the past 5 days. We have some other things coming down from the chain that people here will be extremely interested in.

Anyway, thanks for the support but we really are on limited time now because of the uptick in business. I may or may not put out have the time to put out any new material for a few days. I am also sorry if trolls constantly charge their story but sometimes, I do not look at it closely since I just really have no interest in what they have to say.

Ken Scott
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KSCOTT replied 5 months ago   #17


Your reading comprehension is horrible. READ!

I said "the Parole Board site ALREADY has an instructional video".

Your videos are tedious and boring, not "incorrect". And they are basically the "same" video over and over.

You act like "this will change the pardon industry" but you forget a few things;

-There have always been videos. Better ones than yours, and certainly more concise.
-everyone is aware they can "do it themselves"
-people don't pay me to do a pardon because "they haven't discovered that you can do it yourself"
-people pay me to GET IT DONE
-I could watch how to change my oil, do my taxes, change my tires, anything, but I DON'T. I pay others to do it for me
-you sound ridiculous and petty. It is not my fault the border is closed and things have gone badly for you.

At this moment, take a deep breath and think about CHANGING. Turn over a new leaf. If you are going to continue to do waivers, and maybe even immigrate to Canada, why not re-tool? Follow Michelle and me and do the business RIGHT this time.

-do all three services, not just the easiest
-try and get Accredited by the RCMP
-make fingerprinting part of your business
-make honesty and transparency your main selling features.

What you were doing/are doing? NOT WORKING. Stop repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting a different result.

Re-brand and start fresh.
to fingerprint

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #16

I also wish to add something here for the people to see. It has been said by a certain individual that I only read a website or so? Well, the website that read and showed people online is the official Canadian govt website for preparing and submitting pardons. It also seems that persons this gentleman is saying that the website does not exist or that the budget waiver companies use another site? Now, I could be mistaken in this area but I wanted to show the people here something. Check out the link below:

This is the link to the Alberta court system and they are also talking about pardons. They are saying that you can click on this link if you want to prepare your own pardon. Now people do not take my word for it. Click on the link and see the link to the pardon board. Click on the pardon board link and you will discover that it takes you to the very same link that we have placed and used in our videos.

The point is that the Discount Waiver Companies are saying that the link is wrong...and essentially all those documents are not pardon related documents....yada yada yada... So perhaps the gentleman can explain to us why the Alberta court system has put the same pardon link on their govt website for people to click on to do their pardons...if the link and website does not go to the site used by people to prepare a pardon application!!!

Also, if the gentle will state the following information here for the record:

- The pardon link is wrong
- Our info videos on how to prepare a pardon is 100% wrong
- Our info videos on how to do the pardon is 50% wrong
- Waiver companies and lawyers never use this link in regard to preparing a pardon
- Waiver companies never go to the official govt pardon site (link we submitted) to download the current forms

The reason why I am putting this specific post here is that I do not want people being deflected from the actual goal here...which is to empower you to do your own pardon if it is a simple/less complex case. I will also go on record that we are not asking for any gifts whatsoever. Consumers have a right to know what they are paying for and be provided exceptional service. You now have all the tools to do your case is if it is a less complex/simple one.

I will also go on record to say that if the gentleman states that our pardon info videos are 100% incorrect and can prove it(to include the pardon links), then I will pull them all down.

Also, about 2 hours ago, I received a call from a gentleman that had seen the post here and said that he wanted to "pick my brain" in doing his waiver case. I said that I needed a brain-picking, so I gave him 15 minutes and went over the basics of his particular case. He really does not need anyone to do his simple case and he agreed with me. The call went well and he will keep me informed of the eventual end.

Anyway, the last point is that the purpose of the forum is to actually help provide answers to people that have relevant questions regarding these pardons and waivers. It seems that perhaps I am the only one trying to stay focused on the goal of providing this info to people since other competitors here seem more interested in trying to either sign you up to do your pardon case or trying to bash others that are giving away free and relevant information. I would think that people come here to try and save some money if possible on these cases. Still cannot figure out why a certain person has such a fixation on me the United Kingdom...whether I am in England, Hanoi, or Surrey BC.Hmmm

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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k scott replied 5 months ago   #15

@Ken Scott

Your videos have barely ANY views (probably mostly me and friends) yet your getting "12 calls and emails"?

If a person is unhappy with the company they are using, at least grow some balls and name the company so people can avoid them. Your not even in Canada, no one can find or locate you...its not like they can do anything to you. Not to mention I doubt you have any assets anyways.

I do believe you would like people to send you money though, your obviously hurting.

Anyone want to send Ken money? He really really needs the charity, as the obsessive need to re-record the SAME type of video over and over again is getting....sad. We are all starting to feel sorry for you. Your obviously lonely.

Ken, no one is going to do a pardon on their own because of your video, and no one is going to hire a guy in England who obviously has nothing going on right now to do a waiver or anything else. Be PRODUCTIVE somehow. Maybe get in shape or something. Seriously.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #14

@Michelle yes true, but I don't think a Liberal (independent Senators are usually Liberal) Senator is going to get any traction on this. Imagine how much it would cost for the government to have to go through this? They won't bother.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #13

@John, remember years ago, that court documents were not even required if charges were older then 15 years. Imagine how many people got away with unpaid fines...

Michelle replied 5 months ago   #12

Like I said people...the discount waiver companies will come back and fight me hard on this issue. Anyway, it does not matter to me either way. So, I always try to keep my word and here is a more detailed video below on how to do your own Canadian pardon.

Also, something unexpected happened to me today. A gentleman from here called us and thanked me for the pardon video. Now, this in itself was not unusual since we have received about 12 calls and emails from people here as such to thank us. I had no idea that the word is getting out. The surprising thing was that he was really appreciative of the first pardon video. Apparently, he was dealing with an Ontario Discount Waiver Company with his pardon and waiver. We are also immensely proud of ourselves since 6 of those people used the term Discount Waiver Company themselves.

Anyway, they kept hitting him with "admin fees," "record screening fees" and a "placement fee." I told him that they were obviously BS fees and he agreed. So, they refused to stop charging his card and he then cancelled it and told the bank to reissue him a new one. Sorry, but I tend to get long winded.

Anyway, the point is that he actually does not need a waiver and will do his own pardon now since he has a simple case. He was insistent regarding paying us and I told him he could send me $100 if he wanted. Well he said Merry Christmas and etransfered $175 to me. I did not expect this whatsoever. He also saved thousands more by not needing a us entry waiver now.

Anyway, I will monitor the comments here and I will make and share even more relevant videos if the troll keeps flapping his jaws about nonsense against us. The next video will be on how to do your own purge & destruction of your fingerprints with the police agencies. I will even show you guys what a fingerprint destruction letter looks like. I hate to sound like a parrot, but I have told everyone that the Discount Waiver Companies will fight me hard on this issue.

People can do their own pardon if it is a simple case. Carl the Certified Calibrator in Calgary can probably do his own pardon if he only has 2 Mischief and an Assault conviction from 2002. Here is an example...Let us say that he never paid his $100 fine on the assault conviction. Well, Carl will get denied irregardless of whomever he hires since he has not completed his punishment. This is whether he hires us or Batman's Expert Waivers in Toronto. The reason that he got denied is because he is not qualified.

Batman will know or should know that he is not qualified after the Courthouse check sheet comes back and says that the fine is still outstanding. So, will Batman tell the client to hold off since he does not qualify???Or will Batman still, collect his fee, run the case through the pardon board and then advise the client that he was denied? C’mon people you can already answer this question.

Btw people have you noticed that the DWCs are trying to justify why you should hire them to do your pardon??? Yet we are telling you that may likely be able to do it yourself if you have a simple case? We charge or expect nothing by putting out these videos. Obviously, we will accept a gift if offered but we do not expect nor need it. I again tell people to save their money if possible and do not hire a Discount Waiver Company or a lawyer to do your pardon. Do not even hire us if it is a simple case.

Also, do not fall for the Trump deflection type tactics here from the DWCs regarding your pardon. The fact is that this is a COVID-19 environment, and a lot of people are hurting financially now and will be more so in the next 4 to 6 months. Also, I have never been the one to be just the compliant indivudual.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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KSCOTT replied 5 months ago   #11


Yes I have heard of it, but like most bills forwarded by Senators, I expect it to die on the House of Commons floor. Only the NDP would be mostly in support of something like this, I cannot see the Liberals agreeing to it.

In this case, why pay any fines? They are just going to seal your record anyways.

This won't pass.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #10
Michelle replied 5 months ago   #9

@John, You described the 3 groups 100% accurate. Hopefully, COVID will have a bright side and that is to weed out the companies such as Federal and Pardons Canada. They will not be able to last much longer...I think in January we will start to see them go under. They are most likely surviving on the payment plans they got last year. I just read today that Saskatchewan YMCA is closing due to the economy. This is sad news, they have been around 100+ years.

Michelle replied 5 months ago   #8


As you and I know from experience, when it comes to pardons, there are 3 groups.

-The DIY. They will do it themselves, and probably enjoy the process.

-The typical client. "Don't make me do any of the work, make this as quick and as easy as you can". (cost is not a factor)

-The client who cannot afford to hire someone. They try to DIY, get annoyed when it stalls, and then still come in and pay to have it done.

I tell people the following;

"Know yourself". Then act accordingly.

My pet peeves are these:

-amateurs like fingerprinting places, Ken Scott, lawyers, and people desperate for quick money that are not set up to systematically do more than one pardon at a time. They grab the odd pardon, completely mess it up, and then they become the ones who make the "industry" look bad. Ken Scott wouldn't touch a Pardon before (too much work) but now that he is desperate, and basically unemployed, he is going to pretend he is now an "expert". Beware.

-companies like Pardons Canada that basically take money, and then make the client do the process, with nothing but "instructions". Pardons Canada basically gathers court documents, and send the pardon to the parole board. Pardon factories like this need the next online sale, so they will NOT be honest with clients. Worse, their customer service is abysmal. "Everyone is eligible" when your a salesperson on commission. Notice they pay a LOT of money to be at the top of google. They HAVE to. No one would EVER refer them.

Michelle and I offer a specific service. We get pardons DONE. We quote a fair price UPFRONT. We do ALL the work. We are Accredited by the RCMP. We offer FULL service, and "one stop shopping". Honestly and integrity FIRST.

Unlike others, we have open offices you can VISIT, and the location is PUBLIC. Amazing that Michelle can work alone, with no problems, but Ken claims to have staff that are terrified of anyone coming to their "secret" locations. I call bullshit. Kens entire footprint in Canada is a UPS mailbox and a #604 phone number, which in itself is meant to mislead you into thinking you are talking to a guy in Canada. Ken is not in Canada, and I doubt he ever will be again.

Michelle and I are ACCOUNTABLE to our clients. I even forward my phones, so when we are closed, clients can still reach me. I am reachable basically 24/7 and clients LOVE this.

That is why we have great reputations, and why we will be here when the pandemic is over, and Ken Scott will not.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #7

My 2 cents regarding this...

1. I am very clear that my business is doing Pardons, Waivers, and helping people with their criminal history. I get paid to do this.
2. Both the Pardon and Waiver can be done by yourself. You do not need to hire a professional unless you want to. No one forces you to hire someone.
3. There are many "crooked" companies out there - do your research. Google is full of reviews good and bad...
3. There are instructions on how to complete a Waiver on the I-192 Instruction US Customs Web site and an Instruction video on the Parole Board of Canada. These are very minimum basic instructions, and they do not tell you any of the "hidden" timelines, costs, extra paperwork, or how to deal with denials. You find out as you go along, with paperwork refused, missing info, adding to costs and delays.
5. Pardons and Waivers cost money, whether you do it on you own or hire someone...Fingerprints, court documents, local records check cost money. Depending on where you live and where your charges are is going to depend on the fees.

I am not afraid to admit that this business is usually cut throat, as many of our competitors have lied and outright scammed people in the past. It is going to get worse, with virtually no waiver business, many companies will go out of business. This has happened before when Bill C-10 came into effect. Many companies such as Express Pardons, Canadian Pardons and Federal Pardons shut down, leaving hundreds of people out of money and no waiver, no pardon. I do advise that if you hire a company, keep in contact with them on a regular basics for updates, do this either by phone, email, or in person. If they stop answering you or you can't get a hold of them... stop payment, and take action.

Remember: You are responsible for your decision to hire someone..

I have no problem with Ken or John expanding their professional services by offering advise, helping others, challenging each other, or providing video service. We all need to think outside the box to stay in business.

We are on this site to help guide you to make an informed decision.

Again my 2 cents.

Michelle replied 5 months ago   #6

@KenScott You have had "tremendous feedback" when you have less that 10 people viewing your video...and I am one of them? I told a friend of mine to look...that's 2.
I love how your cannot decide if you want to "process pardons" for money, or "make sure people don't pay anyone for pardons".
No one is going to do their own pardon because of these videos. You used an HOUR to basically make the process seem tedious.

Any Guy in Ontario:

I need a pardon". "Better look online for YouTube videos so I know what I am doing

See's Kens Video

"I better not hire THAT guy. He obviously has never done a pardon".

Did you not even REHEARSE what you were doing? It was like watching a guy trying to figure out trigonometry to help his teenage son.
You made the process look long, boring, and you shed NO light on any shortcuts, or what a client does when the court documents CANNOT be located. You made the "Measurable Benefits" section look complicated, when it fact it is not.

Posting a video is supposed to ENHANCE your business, not make you look like your unprepared, unstructured, and not knowledgeable.

Do us all a favor and do one about waivers, so we don't have to worry about you getting any further clients in the future.

I notice since the lockdown in Britain you have a lot more time on your hands. What happened to the part time job you had? How are you supporting yourself? Are you living off someone? Your not getting pardon business (not with those videos) you aren't getting waivers, does England give you a stipend of some sort? Like our CERB?

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #5

People...I have already told you that the Discount Waiver Companies will fight back hard on me exposing their cash cow. Well now you see the actual written proof from the troll. HE/They are beyond desperate to keep milking the Canada Pardon cow. You now have the tools to do your own pardon if needed. Again, pardons are a waste of money unless used for a handful of reasons only.

Also note that the DWCs will use the same website to get the forms and guidance. Also note that this gentleman previously said that we had no knowledge regarding pardons....yet he has now placed a desperate plea for business here in this room. A blind man could clearly see what is going on here.

Now, I have another treat for you guys...I will do a tutitorial video of actualy preparing a pardon application and post it here on the forum. Then you guys will have an actual example to give you an idea on how they are prepared. I have gotten way too much good positive feedback from people here thanking us for the pardon videos. Most people don't want their names mentioned here though and that is fine by me.

Again, thank you for your tremendous support from my secret location in Surrey hidden from the troll.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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KSCOTT replied 5 months ago   #4

Ken Scott is wasting your time. He is READING the website, and interpreting it literally. Like someone who has no experience, which he doesn't.

If you are eligible, and have not had police contact since your last offence, you can get a pardon. SImple.

If you have been arrested, or had police contact, or didn't pay your child support, or something similar, then you may get a "propose to deny".

90% of times, even with a "propose to deny", I can still get you a pardon.

Don't listen to how complicated Ken makes it, in PRACTICAL applications, it is not that complex. Just decide if you want to do the pardon on your own, or through someone, and do it. The DOING the pardon is a pain, yes.

Call me ANYTIME if you have any questions. WHen it comes to Waivers, Ken is knowledgeable. As he has shown here, he has NO knowledge about pardons, other than what he has read on the website.

Unfortunately, he is bored, exiled to England, and locked down there. Since no one is doing waivers through him, he is looking for other hobbies.

Ken, no one is going to do a pardon with someone who is on another continent. And your charging more than most companies with NO experience. No one wants to pay to teach you how to do pardons, using THIER file as an experiment.

These videos are a waste of time. The Parole Board of Canada website has a video if you need it, but in reality, follow the above criteria.

If you are in Ontario, call 416-843-1371 (text as well) for FREE information. If you are west of Ontario, Call Michelle Phone: 306. 205.2532
​Text: 306.531.8886 We KNOW what we are doing.

In 2 minutes I can tell you if you are eligible, and I am happy to answer questions, even if you plan to do the pardon yourself.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #3

Hey guys this is a supplement to the first video on regarding getting a Canadian pardon. This video focus on the good moral conduct clause that the pardon board will look at regarding your pardon application. I made this video and even showed you the actual govt regulation and where they specifically mention the good conduct clause. I put this video out since a certain individual in this forum had basically stated that there was no such thing as the good conduct clause. Or that he attempted to minimize the importance of this section in the pardon process.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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KSCOTT replied 5 months ago   #2

So here is the video on essentially how you can do your own pardon and save some money by not getting ripped off by a Discount Waiver Company that may or may not do digital prints.

Ken Scott
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KSCOTT replied 5 months ago   #1

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