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Back in 2020 I began my US waiver application with Pardons & Waivers of Canada. I was referred to them by a friend who had a successful waiver application with them. I was hesitant to start this process and had doubts about obtaining a waiver but I was told I could.

A little background on my past. I am a Canadian citizen born in 1987. Unfortunately in my youth I made some bad decisions. Although I played a very minor role in a larger drug investigation I was still convicted of the following charges in 2010 in Canada: Conspiracy to export MDMA 1 count, Conspiracy to traffic MDMA 1 count. I served a 2 year conditional sentence and began crossing the border again. It wasn't until 2014 when I was stopped at the border, detained and ultimately deported. I appeared at my US immigration hearing a couple years later where I was deemed inadmissible and deported.

2020 came around and I was sold a false hope of getting a waiver to cross again. By then I had turned my life around, started a family, learned a skilled trade and was a law abiding citizen. We completed all the necessary applications such as I-212, I-194, filed esafe and even a Canadian pardon. I had just under 2 dozen personal references from many local professionals in my community. All in all I was probably out just under 10K CDN.

Last week we heard back from the ARO and ofcourse it was denied. What surprised me most was the reasoning they gave: My lack of rehabilitation and reformation of character, high risk to reoffend and lack of general remorse. Although I disagree with their reasoning I completely accept and respect it. Ultimately, I feel foolish for even making the attempt to apply for a waiver. This is where I confront PWOC and upon doing my own research I realize I had no business seeking a waiver at all. PWOC will not respond to me.

Is there anything I can do to recoup some of my money? Any way to make a claim against them? Am I entitled to all my documentation and receipts? If PWOC can swindle me I can't imagine how many vulnerable, desperate ppl they are taking advantage of. I have no desperate need to enter the US. I will end this here. Any questions feel free to ask.


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J Rogers thanks for your reply and information. I am certainly willing to try again and even appeal the decision. Are you able to help me? Having done my own research I now know where I stand.

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CD - Importing is a tough one, but now that more time has elapsed, your chances are much better. If you care, it might be an experience that has left you upset and unwilling to try again. I completely understand.

The problem with these companies is honestly the lack of caring if you succeed or not. If you are honest with people and let them make their decision with the PROPER assessment of their chances, you can then have a person who may not apply, but will send you 3 more people because you were honest with them.

The stupid part of this is you are NOT alone. And this company is typical, but not even the worst offender.

You know why they do this? Because NO one stands up to them and actually takes them to court. Why? because people with records make excellent victims. They fear bringing attention to themselves more than they are willing to teach the bad actors a lesson.

Contact the company. Tell them you and your friends will leave 10 bad reviews a week. Or they can give you a partial refund. The sum you paid is outrageous by the way. Not in line with anything in the industry. Our fees are not necessarily the cheapest, but compare.

Today (I can't remember 2020 prices)
Pardon $950
Govt Fees $100-$300 (depends on client, # of convictions and where they live)
Waiver $795 (discounted $100 because you are doing a pardon as well) so $695
US FEE in 2020 $585 USD
I-212 Fee $930 (we don't charge extra to do the I-212 but never do it upfront. Only if they request it)

Not even $5000 which would even be too much. And to not get a waiver out of it? Ridiculous.

I think I can get you a waiver, but it "might" only be a 1 year waiver. 70/30 that its a 1 year/5year.

I am being careful, but I know you won't be denied now.

I am sorry this happened to you. I wish people would take action, and I am pleased at least you are naming names. I name all the bad actors in this industry when clients come forward, and no one has EVER done anything about it, because it is all TRUE.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #2

Hire j Rogers to do your application and rebuttal to that denial. He can help with a new personal letter. It's obvious yours was lacking.
My original one I wrote as well, and the one John helped with was way better, as it says what they want to see.

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